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NEXT SALE-whos in the queue?

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jenk1 Sat 18-Jul-09 08:20:40

ive got 3 mins left to wait.

prob not worth my while but still going to have a look, will report back in a bit. smile

jenk1 Sat 18-Jul-09 08:39:16

ooh am well impressed i got

3 pairs of shoes

a white blouse

a denim maxi dress

a tshirt

a skirt

a bag

a jewellry "hand"

and 2 pairs of trousers for DD

for just over £100, not bad i thought!!

PrincessToadstool Sat 18-Jul-09 08:41:31

god that's good jenk

I have 19 minutes to wait shock
bet I don't want anything
oh shoes though yes

MommyHasaHeadache Sat 18-Jul-09 08:53:22

Yep - also in the queue - 9 min to go... bet all the good stuff is gone now though.

SammyK Sat 18-Jul-09 09:09:07

I have 11 mins showing on mine hmm, not overly fussed but thought I would have a nosy. Got DS some nice stuff in Jan so thought would be worth checking just incase they still have things left.

Bet my sister was there at 5am shock grin

jenk1 Sat 18-Jul-09 19:13:50

what did you all get then?

SammyK Sun 19-Jul-09 10:57:36

there was nothing online so I dragged DS and DP to the nearest store and got some nice things. smile

PrincessToadstool Sun 19-Jul-09 14:08:17

I didn't get anything online either, might go to the shop in town tomorrow if it's not too busy.

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