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st tropez tanning stuff

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littlebrownmouse Thu 16-Jul-09 18:55:02

I've had a St tropez tan at a salon and it was pretty good. I'm going to a wedding on Sat and have no time for salon tan so have bought St Tropez starter kit. it comprises exfoliating stuff, moisturiser and the actual tan. I have no plastic gloves - will it stain my hands and if it does, how do i remove? Is it difficult to do? Seemed quite straight forward in salon. Will i be orange or a glowy colour like after the salon? Should i attempt to do back of neck or will I regret it?

Am all exfoliated, wiating for DS to come home from rfiend's house then am going to be brave. All advice gratefully recieved!

blowninonabreeze Thu 16-Jul-09 18:58:24

I really wouldn't do it without gloves - sorry. Your palms will be orange. And even washinmg straight afterwards doesn't seen to work.

Def do back of neck or you'll look very strange.

Extra load of moisturiser on elbows knees and ankles.

Don't forget armpits.

Remember behing ears - I'm a regular and I still forget there!

If you don't have gloves, I'd wait until tomorrow night.

littlebrownmouse Thu 16-Jul-09 19:01:00

hmmm, thanks. I stupidly thought there might be some gloves in the kit, it being a starter kit! Bit worriedto leave until night before wedding incase it all goes horribly wrong. How long do you leave it on until you wash off? Advice says 4 hours but have heard all night mentioned.

Jewelsandgems Thu 16-Jul-09 19:21:52

there should be an instructions booklet with the kit - tells you where to start, and how to get to those difficult places like back of hands. The instructions I fould really helpful first time I did it.

definately wear gloves. Don't get the st tropez ones as they will make you smell like condom, and that smell will stay with you. Instead, get some 'latex free' gloves that are not as fitted, but don't leave any smell and are much much much cheaper.

Don't forget not to wear bra when tanning, and then only put in a strapless one. There is no point doing a fake tan if you're still going to have strap lines!

Good luck!

littlebrownmouse Thu 16-Jul-09 19:33:03

Instructions with the kit are very limited, they're confined to the back of the tiny bottles of stuff. Might google to see if i can get them on line. Am grumpy about the gloves and waiting til tomorrow!! (impatient imoticon!)

blowninonabreeze Thu 16-Jul-09 19:50:13

WRT lengh of time, I use the mousse, if I manage to get it on early enough in the evening (by 8) I shower before bed, invariably I end up leaving it on overnight.

It make a hell of a mess of your bed clothes, but washes out easily.

Have you got any marigolds? Or even freezer bags? (That'd work with the mousse but not sure if the cream will need more rubbing?

makipuppy Thu 16-Jul-09 20:15:42

I use the mousse without gloves. I just wash my hands with soap straight after and give them a brisk rub with a towel. I only do my legs though, and really quickly so perhaps that's the trick.

There is a bit of a pong with it and I quite agree about the sheets.

Jewelsandgems Thu 16-Jul-09 21:15:28

Oh that is unlucky brownmouse! With my first kit I got a lovely little leaflet with lots of heplful hints (I.E to do backs of hands, put stuff on backs of hand and then rub one back-of-hand against other!)

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