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I have millions of clothes - but no tops and trousers

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monkeysmama Wed 15-Jul-09 21:58:05

I need some tops and trousers. I have had several big clear outs (I have masses of clothes) and seem to have given away all my trousers and tops. I have also changed size and shape.

I am a size 12 and 5'7.

In the winter I wore leggings and smock style tops. I have some hareem pants which I like but I don't want to wear them every day and I think their days are numbered.

I don't have any tops either - or any every day tops anyway.

I need some tops and trousers I can pull on to go to the park / HV / shops with dd and look good & seem to have lost all my ideas on what to go for.

Any suggestions?

I am happy with high street brands (I like Zara a lot) or designer. I tend to wear grey, brown, beige, black and navy but am open to suggestions. Have loads of great jeans so only need trouser and tops.TIA.


monkeysmama Thu 16-Jul-09 08:16:24


monkeysmama Thu 16-Jul-09 14:55:13

Am I beyond help?! What does everyone else wear on a general day? I've been looking at other mums in the park & it's jeans or linen trousers. My linen trousers itch apart from my expensive ones I am not keen on wearing to the park etc.

Bettymum Thu 16-Jul-09 16:29:54

Don't know if this is what you're after...but M&S have loads of lovely coloured T shirts at the moment, I think they're 2 for £5 or £6 and I think they have long sleeved ones too. They might inject a bit of colour into your life, you could layer them...ideal for park/shops.
As for trousers, maybe you could look for some nice jersey ones? M&S probably have them too, I'm sure I've seen some in brown and black. They might be less itchy than linen.

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