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Its an entirely innocent question, but are those bracelets made up of Trollbeads a bit chavvy?

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moodlumthehoodlum Wed 15-Jul-09 20:40:17

I think they are quite pretty, but I can't decide if they are a bit chavvy..

What's the MN view on this.

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about look here

nickytwotimes Wed 15-Jul-09 20:41:07

I ahve no idea either.

TsarChasm Wed 15-Jul-09 20:43:03

I do quite like them, and I used to want one; but I keep seeing them on other people and I'm not so fussed anymore.

ginnny Wed 15-Jul-09 20:44:13

If you mean these, then I don't think they are chavvy but market stalls often sell fake ones which aren't as nice.

nigglewiggle Wed 15-Jul-09 20:45:13

I hope not. DH got me one (well Pandora) for my birthday and I like it. Expect a lively reaction to your use of the word "chavvy" though.

JeMeSouviens Wed 15-Jul-09 20:45:30

I quite like them and have been looking at them on

JeMeSouviens Wed 15-Jul-09 20:49:36

but if you wanted something similar but not the same, this lady does some lovely braclets


moodlumthehoodlum Wed 15-Jul-09 21:01:43

I think maybe they are being seen more and more, and I do like the concept of them but maybe I would get bored of it?

reducedfatkettlechip Wed 15-Jul-09 21:06:26

I've been wondering about these too - there is a Pandora one in Marie Claire this month which is stunning - I costed it out on their site and it worked out about £2500 though..! Yikes.

Like the idea of buying the basic bracelet and getting the beads for Xmas and birthday presents, it might take me a good while to finish it off though. I think the "chavviness" level is entirely dependent on the combination of beads you choose though..and expensive doesn't necessarily equal tasteful imo.

lockets Wed 15-Jul-09 21:11:56

Message withdrawn

Hormonesnomore Wed 15-Jul-09 21:12:10

Thank you for the link moodlum - I think they're lovely & they're not chavvy at all imo.

<adds troll earrings to Christmas list>

Blackduck Wed 15-Jul-09 21:39:42

I have one which has been added to for birthdays and christmas by family, dp and ds - I like it because it is personal - it is MY bracelet and there isn't another one like it....and ds likes deciding where the next bead will go!

ginnny Thu 16-Jul-09 10:21:16

Blimey lockets - you lot are generous. My dss teacher just gets chocolates grin

sleepycat Thu 16-Jul-09 10:30:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mimimimi Thu 16-Jul-09 10:31:33

my daughter got one with 3 charms as a christening gift from one of her godmothers / had never heard of them before.
the name is strange, though...

lockets Thu 16-Jul-09 13:15:55

Message withdrawn

Tortington Thu 16-Jul-09 13:16:59

dh got me one - i don't wear it becuase he boguht it whilst being an uber shit fuckwank

Blackduck Thu 16-Jul-09 13:21:29

custardo I LOVE your way with words.. grin

shouldweorshouldntwe Thu 16-Jul-09 13:43:19

They are very commonplace now so wouldnt want one ever.

ginnny Thu 16-Jul-09 15:09:36

Custardo - you crack me up grin

Lockets - she'll love it, lucky thing.

I want one but am far too poor sad

reducedfatkettlechip Fri 17-Jul-09 11:59:39

Not commonplace where I live - can honestly say I've never seen anyone in one round here. I think it might have something to do with us living miles from decent shops. smile

simplesusan Fri 17-Jul-09 17:30:00

I had no idea what you were talking about tbh until i looked at the link.

I think it depends on who is weaing at, as does so many looks. It could either look very sleek and unusual or look like you have put £1 in one of those seaside machines, turned the knob and hey presto look what you have won!

TheProfiteroleThief Fri 17-Jul-09 17:36:41

I'm fond of mine. I am usually q unchav by inclination grin. Mine is q harmonious though, but accident rather than design. Lots of friends bought me charms for my 40th birthday, so each has a meaning and association.

Unsurprisingly the knock offs are less attractive

LaurieFairyCake Fri 17-Jul-09 17:40:16

er no, not chavvy hmm

seeing as how I'm collecting the Pandora ones and dh I've spent 225 quid so far and it's only a third full

not chavvy at all

It's beautiful and unusual and there are no two the same, I have four cats on mine (as I unsurprisingly have four cats hmm grin)

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