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why wont the gradual tanners work on me??

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mad4myboys Wed 15-Jul-09 19:38:58

have tried a few and always goes un even or pathcy despite exfoliating and moisterising! Recenlty tried the st tropez one. I am very pale with not great skin tone which doesnt help!

Wondering what the olay one is like? Worth forking out?

I'm the same.

I've tried them all (near enough) from cheap to top of the range and I streak with every single one! I moisturise and exfoliate and follow the directions to the T.

Must have weird skin.

I've not tried a spray tan yet, might do one day.

mad4myboys Wed 15-Jul-09 20:24:22

ive had a couple for special occasions and wasfab! Def worth it,just not really practical to do every week! grin

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