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false tan is great!

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VousFaireVousPeutAvecUneChevre Wed 15-Jul-09 19:26:38

i no longer have legs that look like 2 haddock fillets! hurrah

i am not talking one show orange here just a nice subtle glow!

nickytwotimes Wed 15-Jul-09 19:28:40

Which one did you use?
I normally look like I have been tangoed (badly). grin

Btw, what does your name mean? <dim>

Chevre Wed 15-Jul-09 19:29:52

i used st moritz (semi chem san tropez rip off)

you look tangoed until you shower and wash off the guide colour

Chevre Wed 15-Jul-09 19:30:30

name was crappy bastile day thingy ignore

secret is to buy tanning mitt to apply

nickytwotimes Wed 15-Jul-09 19:31:49

Oh, right, might try the mitt thing.
Semi Chem is fab.

PotterVsCullen Wed 15-Jul-09 19:32:45

I had a wonderful spray tan. Was strong but natural and looked like I had spent two weeks in Barbados.

Unfortunately I did not get DH sprayed, so he looked like he'd spent two weeks in Bognor.

Chevre Wed 15-Jul-09 19:33:12

have to admit i was seagulling in semi chem on advice of my hairdresser but i also got some great makeup!

Chevre Wed 15-Jul-09 19:33:49

snurk @ spraying dh. could you do him when he is asleep

PotterVsCullen Wed 15-Jul-09 19:37:45

<PvsC wonders at limited vocabulary>

Chevre Wed 15-Jul-09 19:39:40

think i got the expression slightly wrong!

PotterVsCullen Wed 15-Jul-09 19:46:34

Bloody hell! What an education for a Wednesday evening!

Chevre Wed 15-Jul-09 19:48:23

yes i got quite a few looks in semi chem i don't think i can go back!

Owls Wed 15-Jul-09 19:49:17

Was going to come on thread and agree re spray tans but shock grin

grin at seagulling.

Chevre Wed 15-Jul-09 19:53:04

i meant to refer to the seagull phenomenone, identified by cod, whereby middle class women descent upon lidl or some such to buy some fabulously cheap product squawking with selfsatisfaction and condescension

PotterVsCullen Wed 15-Jul-09 21:22:49

A bit like a "seagull manager"? Comes into the office, squawks loudly at everyone and then sh*%s over everything?

PotterVsCullen Wed 15-Jul-09 21:25:33

Just had to google semichem. My nearest store is 327 miles away.
I could travel that far and get a real tangrin

firstmum45 Thu 16-Jul-09 17:01:26

Chevre can you by it online do you have a link for it.

Was it a bargain?

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