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Anyone recommend a good product for open pores?

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makedoandmend Mon 13-Jul-09 20:41:18

I can bear the wrinkles hmm but I hate the open pores on my face - they get worse every bloody year (suddenly started happening about three years ago).

Can anyone recommend any products either for long term use and/or for everyday cover ups?

ZZMum Mon 13-Jul-09 20:42:25

oooh please answer this - my wrinkles are falling into my open pores so deep and wide they are.. please help!

makedoandmend Mon 13-Jul-09 21:50:53


mrsmaidamess Mon 13-Jul-09 21:55:23

I have had awful open pores and use the follwong which i think have made a difference:

Time Delay Cleanser that you remove with a hot cloth

Avon Facelift Serum

AND I reckon mineral make up is good for making them look better.

But I have also stopped looking at mine in a magnifying mirror.

macherie Mon 13-Jul-09 21:58:07

Estee Lauder Idealist is supposed to be great for open pores, it's also a great primer, so worth a try.

mrsmaidamess Mon 13-Jul-09 22:01:48

No 7 Shine Free is good too, matt but disguises pores. I bought the Clinique pore stuff a while back and wasn't that impressed

Mintyy Mon 13-Jul-09 22:13:58

Unlike Mrs Maidamess, I really do rate Clinique's Pore Minimizer. It works wonders on mine grin.

triffictits Mon 13-Jul-09 22:49:39

I dont like the Clinique stuff wither - it leaves a horrible film on my face.

Have tried Estee Lauder one and it was just ok. I am yet to find a good one, may try the No. 7 one.

makedoandmend Tue 14-Jul-09 10:09:46

I can't believe there's not a 'miracle' product out there! If they can puff up wrinkles why can't they minimise pores? Grrrrrangry

MadameCastafiore Tue 14-Jul-09 10:14:05

I'd go for Estee Lauder Idealist too and their Resiliance Lift Extreme moisturiser is fab - has a little shimmer to it so makes you look alive and bright even when you feel crap!

hippopotamouse Tue 14-Jul-09 10:21:07

I used a Soap and Glory pore minimising scrub that was good this one. Also used to use a Neutrogena one but haven't found it anywhere in a while. It was amazing!

makedoandmend Tue 14-Jul-09 10:49:39

Oooh - will give these a try. Are these temporary cover ups or long term zap'em products?

hippopotamouse Tue 14-Jul-09 11:25:42

Soap and Glory one takes a while to get going, I noticed a difference after a week, it will last a while if you use it every day but will go back to normal if you stop using it. The Neutrogena shrinks them straight away and lasts the day, but long term they get smaller eventually. Again if you stop using it then pores will go back to how they were (marketing ploys!)

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