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A capsule wardrobe for a mammoth trip

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delphinedownunder Sun 12-Jul-09 22:25:59

So, I am taking a mammoth trip overseas (I live in NZ) for a month in September/October. My dh only has 3 items of clothing so it will be easy for him and my twins have small clothes and so I'm not too worried about them, but I need to seriously consider my wardrobe. We are coming to the UK via LA and will be staying in Cornwall for 10 days, the countryside around Oxfordfor a few days and London for a few days. We are also planning to go to Paris and are flying home via a Pacific Island for 5 nights. We will be doing beach stuff and walking and poking around in Cornwall, getting together with friends in Oxfordshire, sightseeing and hanging out in Paris and London and beach chilling out in the Pacific. So.... what shall i take? I'll be seeing people I haven't seen for years and don't want to look like I've just stepped out of the shearing shed and I want to travel stylishly light. i do own quite a lot of clothes, but my clothing confidence is rock bottom, due to weird body after carrying ginormous twins and lack of choice in NZ provincial town. I might get a bit of shopping in the the UK (mainly in cornwall i imagine) but i can't rely on this. help, help, help.

Earlybird Sun 12-Jul-09 23:17:40

Hmm - can't solve this one for you, but I would think two pair of jeans - one blue and one black would be a good place to start. Perhaps two nicer pair of trousers, a skirt or two and maybe one dress. Also maybe a couple pair of capri trousers that can be dressed up or down.

Think I'd also look to do solid 'bottoms' (trousers, skirt), and bring a few nice t-shirts and a few patterned/more chic blouses. Maybe a couple of cardigans in solid colours - one casual, one more for evening? Then perhaps a short lightweight trench coat (maybe with belt) to put on for a finishing touch or if you need an extra layer.

Would aim to have two basic colours - perhaps black and navy, or chocolate brown and tan and then work around that with shoes, bags, belts etc. Would also consider a lightweight cashmere jumper in a basic colour for cooler evenings.

Hopefully someone more organised than me will be along to help.

kickassangel Mon 13-Jul-09 04:51:05

remember that although you will become bored with a 'capsule wardrobe' after a few days, everyone you meet won't know whether you've worn something once or a hundred times on your trip.

1. comfy undies. unless you really are a diva who finds skimpy thongs a must, think of all the long hours on a plane/car.
2. basics in neutrals, e.g. 2 x trousers (one heavy, one light), 2 x skirt, 1 dress, 4 tops, 1 or 2 jumper/cardis. all in colours that match/tone with each other.
3. 2 pairs of shoes, one comfy, one dressy.
4. some fun/bright accessories which will add a little variety & brighten up the neutrals.

this is my considered opinion after a 5 weeks tour of the UK, for which i took way too much clothing & ended up buying an extra bag!

and finally,


you can buy them in any colour, they don't take up much room, and i have been known to use them as
baby sling
'modesty' when entering a church which require being covered
changing under on the beach
beach bag

probably other stuff too. although i said any colour a white/cream one is prob not so practical. they can add some colour, and cos they're often cheap, you can ditch them if they're falling apart. if shopping is a problem, you could just buy some material you like, hem it & call it a sarong.

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