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Trillian! How did the maxi dress look on?

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ThePhantomPlopper Sun 12-Jul-09 20:15:56

I chickened out and cancelled the order.

How does it look/fit?

TrillianAstra Sun 12-Jul-09 22:44:11

I didn;t like it, you made the right decision. I've sent it back.

It was a good length, and didn't seem like it was going to fall down, but after the top bit it kind of puffed out and had no shape at all.

ThePhantomPlopper Mon 13-Jul-09 10:16:41

Oh that's a shame, was going to re-order if you liked it and it fit OK on a barely there bust.

TrillianAstra Mon 13-Jul-09 16:38:43

It fit fine, the bust band thing held up itself just under the bust and then the tie at the back thingy was just to hold up the top bit IYSWIM. The thing I didn't like was that under the scrunchy stretchy bit all the material for the dress comes out before going straight down. So it's a bit sack-like.

Also I didn't realise but ASOS make yu pay for the return delivery if you send something back. How cheeky is that?

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