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£100 credit, what to buy? Recommendations please!

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DrEvil Sun 12-Jul-09 14:30:44


My lovely mother bought me a dress in the Boden sale (fun dress) which is not a very good fit so I'm going to exchange it. It was worth around £57 and dh is kindly making it up to £100 but I don't know what I want either in the sale or thepreview site.

I am a sahm/ student with a uniform of jeans but I'd like to be a bit more adventurous this autumn. I liked the sailor trousers but they've sold out in my size, has any one has the wideleg denim trousers?

Any recomendations on anything you've bought and been impressed with would help.


mrsmerryweather Sun 12-Jul-09 14:35:41

I bought a cashmere jumper last year and it was lovely.

Are you wanting to buy from the sale or wait til the autumn range is out? Look at

what about a nice merino tunic? Or the cord/wool skirts- they are an inch longer this year ( autumn range) so not really "mini".

DrEvil Sun 12-Jul-09 14:40:53

I do like the look of the merino tunic, I'm only 5.2' though so I'll have to get the measuring tape out.

Preview site has some nice things

mrsmerryweather Sun 12-Jul-09 15:01:11

I am just an inch taller than you and have ordered it- it's mid thigh ish.

naomi83 Sun 12-Jul-09 17:35:41

what size are you?

DrEvil Mon 13-Jul-09 12:20:06

size 12, bigish boobs, smallish waist, fattish thighs!

I want to look nice amongst all the 18yr old students but not muttony! (am 31 btw).

Bettymum Mon 13-Jul-09 13:40:32

I ordered the wideleg trousers earlier this year and they were WIDE! So I had to send them back and kept the bootcut jeans instead. I'm 5'5" or so but the widelegs just looked daft. I think you'd have to be at least 5'8" to balance them out. The bootlegs were really fab though.

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