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Might it be easier if we just make the definitive list of what is NAFF?

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KingRolo Thu 09-Jul-09 20:10:46

French rolls
Boden Mac

but not floor length skirts grin


T shirts with cartoon characters on

mrsmaidamess Thu 09-Jul-09 20:13:05

Anything with winnie the pooh on it.


Those long blue checked strappy dresses that tie at the back.

bronze Thu 09-Jul-09 20:14:19

caring what other people think

FAQinglovely Thu 09-Jul-09 20:15:22

lol bronze grin

thisisyesterday Thu 09-Jul-09 20:15:35

wtf is a fascinator?

and, more to the point, what am i doing on a style thread??

KingRolo Thu 09-Jul-09 20:16:12

I used to have a NafNaf bag. That was not naff at all.

But the knock off 'Naff Co' T shirts were naff in the extreme.

janeite Thu 09-Jul-09 20:16:14

Fleeces with wolves on (much as I love wolves).

Showing of midriff when not on beach.

Leggings worn with a top but not a skirt - gah.

Denim jacket worn with jeans.

CarGirl Thu 09-Jul-09 20:16:26

fascinator=bits you put on hair instead of hat for weddings etc

ThePhantomPlopper Thu 09-Jul-09 20:17:57

Jimmy Choo Hunter wellies.

KingRolo Thu 09-Jul-09 20:18:38

Fascinators are bits of wire with flowers and feathers attached that you wear on your head.

They are intended to fascinate your friends and family.

moondog Thu 09-Jul-09 20:19:30

Misdee once covertly took a picture of a cracker of a wolf fleece and posted it on MN.

moondog Thu 09-Jul-09 20:19:34

Misdee once covertly took a picture of a cracker of a wolf fleece and posted it on MN.

ThePhantomPlopper Thu 09-Jul-09 20:20:07

Gold chains with giant, movable clowns.

mrsmaidamess Thu 09-Jul-09 20:20:17

Anything with the designers name/emblem emblazoned all over it.

boudoiricca Thu 09-Jul-09 20:20:22

I think this has been done before (many times)


I will add

black shoes with jeans

or worse



janeite Thu 09-Jul-09 20:20:29

Really? I like her thinking!

mrsmaidamess Thu 09-Jul-09 20:21:01

giant moveable clown?

BodenGroupie Thu 09-Jul-09 20:21:08

Novelty earrings...

HecatesTwopenceworth Thu 09-Jul-09 20:21:09

grown women in pigtails.
t-shirts with 'funny' slogans on.

On a serious note though. I wish people would make their own choices, like what they like, not what other people tell them they are supposed to like. I don't understand why people have to know what's "in fashion" so they can wear it too.

I am seeing some HIDEOUS things on people - think granny's old curtains <shudder> because some magazine has decided that stuff is fashionable again [boggle] This is the same stuff that people were LAUGHING at 5 years ago. hmm Now they like it? So the same garment is horrible when it's out of fashion and lovely when it's in fashion. hmm It's the same item. I just don't get it.

baaa-aaaa. grin

coppola Thu 09-Jul-09 20:21:40

tend to agree with bronze.


yy to the wolf fleeces, clown chains

MistyGee Thu 09-Jul-09 20:22:17

Awww my Nanna has a wolf fleece, and loves it. She likes to think she's the height of fashion (she's 87)grin

FAQinglovely Thu 09-Jul-09 20:22:30

oo I'm "naff" grin

I wear trainers and black boots (not at the same time) with jeans shock grin.

southeastastra Thu 09-Jul-09 20:23:02

day glo anything even on kids

reducedfatkettlechip Thu 09-Jul-09 20:24:02

Little girl clothes on grown women - pink frilly socks, fluffy hairbands, novelty handbage etc. Saw a prime example of this yesterday. 50ish going on 15, looked shocking.

Crocs (sorry, I even own a pair but strictly for wearing in the garden/beach)

Per Una. All of it.

Excessive jewellery. Less is more imo. 3 rings on every finger and toe doesn't work for me.

Hair streaked with pillar box red or bright blue. Especially when it's greasy, has half grown out, and shows a bit of peroxide left over underneath. Very popular look in our area.

Tshirts with slogans emblazoned such as "stop looking at my tits" or other such classiness.

Cheap hair extensions.

I could go on and on.

ThePhantomPlopper Thu 09-Jul-09 20:25:08

ANYTHING with a playboy bunny on, inc tattoos, jewellery, clothes etc.

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