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floor-length skirts? nice or naff?

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marenmj Thu 09-Jul-09 19:17:54

- keeps me cool in hot weather and warm(er) in cold weather
- covers a multitude of sins (stubble, bruises from the buggy, etc)
- can sit cross-legged on the floor, unlike shorter varieties

- afraid I might be turning into Mrs DowdyMcFrump

HecatesTwopenceworth Thu 09-Jul-09 19:19:20

Who cares if other people think they are nice or naff? If you like them, wear them. I am sure you look lovely.

Jojay Thu 09-Jul-09 19:19:52


ButtercupWafflehead Thu 09-Jul-09 19:21:51

Love them in winter with high-heeled fab boots when they still reach the ground.

[short person emoticon]

mrsmaidamess Thu 09-Jul-09 19:22:40

I don't like 'em, so I'm in the naff camp.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Thu 09-Jul-09 19:23:51

nice if pretty colour and/or print

cookielove Thu 09-Jul-09 19:24:00

depends what style you have

CMOTdibbler Thu 09-Jul-09 20:01:40

I like them, and wear them a lot

TsarChasm Thu 09-Jul-09 20:05:34

I don't mind long, but floor length is a no from me. It looks sort of late 19thC and too much.

marenmj Thu 09-Jul-09 20:10:04

I wear them either in prints or plain, but I am rather tall. Usually just wear them with a vest and a cardi.

My style is smart with a teensy bit punk and goth. I can't be bothered to either take the time or expense to do full on grin.

Having DD has been a crisis of confidence as none of my pre-baby clothes are remotely practical anymore. I've utterly lost my style most days

marenmj Thu 09-Jul-09 20:14:00

'sort of late 19thC'

see that's what worries me. I don't think my style suits either my new body (thanks for the boobs, baby!) or my new lifestyle.

and I'm not sure if the long skirts have a spot in the new life yet.

ButtercupWafflehead Thu 09-Jul-09 20:31:55

See, I think floor-length is infintely classier than ankle-swinging, no?

cookielove Thu 09-Jul-09 20:34:37

yes buttercupwafflehead your right, i would only wear a long skirt that was meant to be floor length if it was bottom was resting on the floor if you see what i mean, but my legs are long thus making ankle swingers and my purse is to broke to buy anything long ann new

TsarChasm Thu 09-Jul-09 20:34:37

Well it depends on your style. It can look sort of boho (god I hate that word grin) or kooky and artfully carefree and different.

On me it would look more Lark Rise to Candleford/Upstairs Downstairs. So not a good look for me. Depends how you wear it I suppose.

missmelly Thu 09-Jul-09 22:38:33



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