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What exactly happens when you have bikini line dealt with?

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PiccadillyCircus Wed 18-May-05 10:10:32

I have read the thread on knickers on/off when having waxing done there, but I have some more basic questions.

I have loads of hair - to call it a forest would be an understatement and was wondering how exactly it gets attacked. Do they trim it first and then wax bits or what? I just want a "tidy up" - I don't mind saying this to a hairdresser, but would feel silly saying it about hair not on my head .

What do you wear? Normal clothes? Dressing gown?

I know I have gone for nearly 30 years without having this done but given the amount of matted hair I ended up with after the birth of DS, I want to be a bit more prepared before September and the arrival of DS2/DD.

I'm glad there is a place to ask these questions .

PiccadillyCircus Wed 18-May-05 10:25:08

Someone? Please?

charliecat Wed 18-May-05 10:31:25

I have no idea..I usually hack at my forest with a bic razor lol!!

Mum2girls Wed 18-May-05 10:34:09

Charliecat - I'm with you. I have never been waxed, anywhere.

yoyo Wed 18-May-05 10:34:09

If you just want a bikini line wax you wear your knickers and adjust them to be as high as you want. If the hair is particularly long it might be trimmed. Sometimes you are asked to tuck a tissue around the leg hole of your knickers so that no wax gets on them. You wear your normal clothes just take off your trousers/skirt. The front bit is easy but if you want the "undercarriage" done you have to raise your leg in the air so that they can get at it easily!

If you want more waxed(!) you need someone else as I have never been that brave. Could you not give it a close crop yourself?

mckenzie Wed 18-May-05 10:34:19

you wear your normal clothes (but take off your trousers/skirt for the treatment) and they pull your knickers to the side and normally protect them with a tissue.
Re the trim first then wax question, I dont know i'm sorry as I've never been very hairy.

ScotsBird Wed 18-May-05 22:06:01

Hi PicadillyC, I get waxed every 4 weeks or so and it is pretty painful, but by god its worth it! As teh others have said, you can keep your knickers on and pull them to the side as far in as you want it removed. Otherwise you can go for a Brazilian, where the hair is removed to a small "landing strip" in the middle - this is how I have mine done. it involves slinging your legs up and over beautician's shoulder to get in at those hard to reach areas!! The other alternative is a Hollywood where they remove everything - literally - never been brave enough.

Incidentally, I had a brazilian two days before going into labour with dd, had a planned caesarean and didnt need to be shaved by theatre nurse - joy!

Also, while you have period or are pregnant, waxing can be a bit more painful as you are more sensitised to pain apparently. If you are very hairy the beautician will trim first.

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