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How long should a bikini wax last?

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Fizzfiend Wed 08-Jul-09 21:25:42

I had one done about two weeks ago and I'm hairy as ever already...thought it would last longer than that. Do you think it wasn't done properly or does this sound normal?

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Wed 08-Jul-09 21:33:20

Funnily enough, I was going to post this exact same topic this week!

I have the same situation. Am rather peeved as I am not a regular waxer (had it done for holiday - 2 weeks ago) and am in apparent need of another now.

Actually the same goes for my legs. I had to shave after a week shock and I don't think my legs are particularly hirsute.

Wilts Wed 08-Jul-09 21:34:28

Mine don't even last a week, I am positively beastly grin

welshdeb Wed 08-Jul-09 21:36:39

I used to feel like this. I am quite hairy and a wax used only to last abot 10 days or so.

The reason is that only about 30% of the hair is growing at any time so what happens is that even though the growing hairs have been removed, the dormant hairs grow through and in no time it is as bad as ever.

I also used to get terrible ingrown hairs.

I had some salon IPL whih helped and how now bought a Boots smooth skin which is IPL at home.

welshdeb Wed 08-Jul-09 21:37:37

now bought

Fizzfiend Wed 08-Jul-09 21:51:53

well glad I'm not the only one! Was feeling like an oddity.

welshdeb...what is it laser...and does the Boots thingie work?

HaventSleptForAYear Thu 09-Jul-09 11:43:18

I got an epilator recently because I am so sick of waiting 3 weeks for another wax.

They do grow back finer eventually (we're talking 10 years!).

welshdeb Thu 09-Jul-09 21:55:39

Intense Pulsed Light.

I have had a few treatments of IPL so my BSS has a bit of a flying start. But I now have next to no bikini line left admittedly this was the region that had the most treatments and however I have got very few underarm hairs left, but I am waiting for the ormnt ones to come back. The BSS leaftem says it takes 12 weeks of weekly treatments to get rid, but I think it may take a little longe but I am not treating weekly either.

Lulubee Thu 09-Jul-09 22:01:49

HOw does the IPL work?? And is it expensive?

ihavenewsockson Thu 09-Jul-09 22:07:11

does the BSS hurt?

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