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nutcracker Tue 17-May-05 19:05:29

Are they in or not ?? Have seen a few around but am wondering if i should even be considering them ??

Like these

nutcracker Tue 17-May-05 19:06:08

Oh A**E

Hang on will try again

nutcracker Tue 17-May-05 19:08:50


sunchowder Tue 17-May-05 19:09:55

the listing was removed Nutty....I am an old fart, so if it is comfortable, it is in style for me!

nutcracker Tue 17-May-05 19:10:27

Ok, i give up, can you cut and paste instead please.

nutcracker Tue 17-May-05 19:11:25

My mom said they looked like slippers .

kid Tue 17-May-05 19:13:53

I haven't seen them about but then again I don't really look at peoples feet (not saying you do of course nutcracker!)

They look really comfortable though. I bought a new pair of flipflops the other day and wore them for the first time to work today. I now have at least 3 blisters.

bubblerock Tue 17-May-05 19:17:40

Not sure about those Nutcracker they are sort of borderline trendy but also a bit OAP if you get what I mean - I'm not exactly fashion conscious though so just my opinion

sunchowder Tue 17-May-05 19:18:05

Nutty, just saw them, they do look a bit like slippers and they are synthetic. I would go for leather myself,which will cost more and go for something a bit more neutral (but then again, I am an old fart!). In the end, if you like them, go for it, I am sure they will be cute on you.

nutcracker Tue 17-May-05 19:40:57

Hmmmm not sure, Will have to try them on i think.

Smurfgirl Tue 17-May-05 20:53:02

I like them, I have a pair in black that I wear for work, v.comfy.

Blossomhill Tue 17-May-05 21:26:54

They are in all of the shops atm. I am toying with getting a pair myself and saw a lovely tan coloured pair in Asda. As usual they didn't have my size

ediemcreedie Tue 17-May-05 21:37:40

Lots of people have the glittery ones like that from accessorize.

ediemcreedie Tue 17-May-05 21:38:17


NomDePlume Tue 17-May-05 21:39:38

i like them but they do make the wearer look slightly like they've forgotten to change their shoes before coming out

Thomcat Tue 17-May-05 21:40:46

Yeah they're nice, I'd wear them.

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