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Please help me decide between these 2 dress for a (fairly smart) Sunday Wedding

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Danceswithchickens Sat 04-Jul-09 22:42:52

Chantelle Dress

this style but in a burnt orange shade with black ribbon

Both colours are good on me (brown hair/brown eyes), just not sure which style is best suited.

Bride & groom, are late 20's, so assuming a younger (18 years) than me crowd.

lisad123 Sat 04-Jul-09 22:45:03

depends on how big your boobs and shoulders are. I like the 2nd one but no good if you have large boobs or big shoulders.

Tommy Sat 04-Jul-09 22:46:03

Peronally, I think the Chantell one is more weddingy (but, really, I knoe nothing about fashion and/or style so I hope someone useful comes along soon grin)

Quattrocento Sat 04-Jul-09 22:48:06

I like the colour of the second one but am not sure it is right for a wedding - it's more of an evening dress.

You really need to post a pic of the hat/shoes/bag too. What about jacket?

Danceswithchickens Sat 04-Jul-09 22:54:50

ahh, well I have good shoulders & good boobs grin (shame about the wobbly bottom)

Will have a pashmina in case of chills. Probably wear gold sandals with pink dress. Not sure about the brick coloured dress, maybe black (boring) shoes ? No hats.

The sales assistant said the 2nd one was more evening-y. The wedding is at 1:30pm with an evening reception, which, will probably be fairly tame....?

EldonAve Sat 04-Jul-09 23:02:18

so no bra issues then?
what about cost per wear? I prefer the blue but it is over twice the price

simplesusan Sat 04-Jul-09 23:27:06

Both nice but I think the first one (pink) is more suitable for a wedding.

brokenspacebar Sun 05-Jul-09 00:19:01

I prefer the second one.... keep everything else understated with it?

OllieWollieWoo Sun 05-Jul-09 06:46:22

I love the Chantelle dress - tried it on in black a few weeks ago and v flattering. Off topic - but where has the black one gone from the website????!!!! Was it in the sale too and sold out? (I've been away for a couple of weeks!) Was thinking of treating myself!

Danceswithchickens Sun 05-Jul-09 10:40:05

the purple one is also in the sale.

The second dress isn't blue, it's brick red with a black sash - I couldn't find a picture of it in the colour I have !

wifeofdoom Sun 05-Jul-09 12:16:30

I like the second one - think its fine for a wedding any time of day.

Clure Sun 05-Jul-09 13:01:16

the second dress is lovely and I think if you keep everything else simple then it will be fine for a wedding

Danceswithchickens Sun 05-Jul-09 19:44:20

thank you for your input.

Just given DH & DD's a fashion show - there was another dress Ted Baker Waterfall as well, but in the cold (hot?) light of day, dress 1 is the winner. Although feeling a bit snug after a dessert of strawberries & cream blush.

Dress 2 is lovely, but too shiny, I'm not tall/vampy enough to carry it off, although I did think it looked nice in the shop - clever mirrors/lighting methinks.

EldonAve Sun 05-Jul-09 22:45:49

Sorry I missed that the 2nd one was a diff colour blush

I am waiting for the same Ted Baker dress to arrive - I bought it in blue

Danceswithchickens Mon 06-Jul-09 10:31:00

no worries smile

The Ted Baker dress is lovely, it's very light - I didn't see it in blue - did you get it in John Lewis ?

I did see this gorgeous dress though blue silk from Planet, similar style - for £99. Didn't have my size though. I'm loving these styles grin

EldonAve Mon 06-Jul-09 10:50:13

I found the TB dress in their Cov Gdn shop but they didn't have my size, tracked in down in Peter Jones

I never saw the pink ones

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