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Please help! My DH wants to buy

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EdwardBitMe Fri 03-Jul-09 22:20:33

I told him that the holes made them look a bit "old man" and so he's gone off to bed in a huff. He thinks because they are Nike they must be cool.
Please help me find him a pair of sandals that I will not be ashamed to be seen with! He refuses to wear anything with a toe thong.

dexter73 Fri 03-Jul-09 22:26:47

I quite like them!blush

EdwardBitMe Fri 03-Jul-09 22:29:50

Ok, that's fine.
I'm not sure if I'm overreacting or not! Not seen them in RL, jut on t'internet

EdwardBitMe Fri 03-Jul-09 22:44:05


(please don't force me to live with horrid old man shoes. DH is only 34!)

PortAndLemon Fri 03-Jul-09 22:44:10

They seem fine to me.

PerfectPrefect Fri 03-Jul-09 22:45:27

Look fine to me.

Normal man-sandal.

nikki1978 Fri 03-Jul-09 22:46:08

Personally I think they are quite nice for mens sandals. Just as long as he doesn't wear them with socks grin

francagoestohollywood Fri 03-Jul-09 22:47:52

Oh dear. Not my cup of tea
Have you checked lizard sandals?

hertsnessex Fri 03-Jul-09 22:49:24

im not keen. dh does have birkensocks which i like!

MaryMotherOfCheeses Fri 03-Jul-09 22:50:48

No. Sorry, those lizard sandals aren't my cup of tea. I imagine them with long greasy hair and a black tshirt.

I'm not overkeen on OP's sandals, but I've seen worse.

EdwardBitMe Fri 03-Jul-09 22:51:54

Thanks for the link Franca, but I can't see DH going for those especially in Cock Green!

Ok, if everyone else seems to think they're ok, I'll let him order them!

mamalovesmojitos Fri 03-Jul-09 22:54:48

oh fgs, can't get flipping links to work for love nor money.

those sandals are nice, but not the nicest things ever, maybe a bit old for him.

look up, click men's shoes. i found some lovely sandals, particularly the fisherman's sandal and the gladiator sandals.

mamalovesmojitos Fri 03-Jul-09 22:56:08

ha sorry, don't know why i thought it was your son buying sandals. have no idea what age your dh is! grin

francagoestohollywood Fri 03-Jul-09 22:57:52

lol marymotherofcheese grin. It's bizarre, but Lizard are considered quite cool here in Italy shock!

Nolda Fri 03-Jul-09 22:58:55

I don't like them but I dislike most men's sandals. Is he definitely after sandals or just summer casual shoes? I had a similar debate with my DH and we managed to agree on sanuk sidewalk surfers.

EdwardBitMe Fri 03-Jul-09 23:01:41

Have you got a link Nolda?

EdwardBitMe Fri 03-Jul-09 23:03:58

S'alright Nolda, found them. DH would NOT like those. He's so fussy, knows what he won't wear, but no idea what he does want!

Nolda Fri 03-Jul-09 23:04:05

Hope this works

EdwardBitMe Fri 03-Jul-09 23:08:13

What about these? orthese?

Stretch Fri 03-Jul-09 23:11:19

As long as he doesn't wear socks! grin

DebiNewberry Fri 03-Jul-09 23:31:11

Ugh, no.

EdwardBitMe Fri 03-Jul-09 23:33:57

No to which Debi? Or all of them?

fin42 Fri 03-Jul-09 23:44:39

My dh wears these I'm pretty ambivalent about men's footwear, my dh wears what he likes, he's a grown-up after all, but out of the sandals mentioned I think the op's dh has the better taste. of course my dh is 10 years older.

DebiNewberry Fri 03-Jul-09 23:45:19

<whisper> All of them. I'm sorry - I felt bad after my first post! Men's sandals are so tricky tho...

EdwardBitMe Fri 03-Jul-09 23:52:37

No, that's ok Debi. All opinions greatfully received!
Sandals are tricky, but I fear divorce may be necessary if I have to go out with him teaming his shorts with black socks and white trainers again!

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