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White sleveless tops

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Ilikecoffee Fri 03-Jul-09 00:06:31

What do you use under your armpits in order not to leave any yellowish marks on your top?
I love white tops in the summer especially when I have a bit of tan but when I take them off in the evening the yellowish stains are there and never come off in the wash fully. Someone said to me that transparent deodorants only. Is this true?

JoesMummy09 Fri 03-Jul-09 00:24:45

Ooh yes that is a pain.

Vanish will get the yellowish stains off but I don't think the transparent deodorants work to prevent the stains in the first place.

You could try something like Perspirex which you put on at night and then there's no deodorant on your clothes at all during the day because you don't put any on then.

It also stops you sweating under your arms completely after about 3 weeks and you then use it every other day or so.

It does smell vile though.

Or botox!

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