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This is the only dress I have that I could wear to my cousin's wedding, is it awful?

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alarkaspree Thu 02-Jul-09 16:50:50

On my profile. Having taking a picture of it, I'm thinking I can't wear it. It looked better in my mirror but still I have major reservations about 1) the asymmetric hemline, both as a general principle and on my legs and 2) the bias cut skirt around my hips. Also, I do actually have a waist which this dress manages to disguise.

I don't really want to buy something else but I could, I just don't want to. I hate shopping for occasions and I will probably get something else that doesn't suit me in a panic.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Tortington Thu 02-Jul-09 16:55:06

i don't like it - sorry. i think you have to go shopping.

dcoppack Thu 02-Jul-09 16:57:04

I don't dislike it but I don't love it either. Monsoon are always good for a dress to attend a wedding in and you can even shop online too.

LIZS Thu 02-Jul-09 17:00:07

It 's ok ish

morningpaper Thu 02-Jul-09 17:02:59

It's FINE, some shoes and wine and bob's your uncle

TheProvincialLady Thu 02-Jul-09 17:04:06

Sorry but I think it is a bit horrible and very ageing. Do yourself some justice and buy something new.

janeite Thu 02-Jul-09 17:05:00

It's not hugely flattering, sorry. Could you buy a fairly simple dress that you could use day to day afterwards, then dress it up a bit?

Danceswithchickens Thu 02-Jul-09 17:09:04

I was expecting something awful ! It's fine,especially if you don't want to buy anything else (& why should you waste your money)

Jazz it up with some nice sandals/necklace/wrap (weather permitting) & away you go smile

trixymalixy Thu 02-Jul-09 17:13:42

I think it's OK, just a little bit dull for someone of your age (I'll be 34 on Monday btw!!).

It really doesn't show off your waist at all.

alarkaspree Thu 02-Jul-09 17:14:50

Thank you for all your confusing opinions. Say I were to buy something else, what do you think of this dress?

MerlinsBeard Thu 02-Jul-09 17:16:11

LOVE the second one - get that!

trixymalixy Thu 02-Jul-09 17:19:20

OOoh, that second dress is lovely!!!

pooka Thu 02-Jul-09 17:21:30

Love the second one - great colour.

dcoppack Thu 02-Jul-09 17:31:12

LOVE the second one, much better Go treat yourself x

alarkaspree Thu 02-Jul-09 18:05:51

I've ordered the green one, I'll let you know how it works out.

Thanks for the advice!

brokenspacebar Thu 02-Jul-09 18:34:44

2nd one is gorgeous alark, def not the first, it really is not flattering to your figure, looks a bit mumsy.

AnybodyHomeMcFly Thu 02-Jul-09 18:46:58

You have a great figure but the first dress don't do nuffin for it. J crew dress is fab and I bet it suits u. Btw you have my sympathies, I'm wedding outfit shopping at mo w added challenge of breastfeeding!

TheFool Thu 02-Jul-09 18:48:26

first is a bit meh. love the second

TheProvincialLady Thu 02-Jul-09 19:12:11

You made a great choicesmile

MrsBadger Thu 02-Jul-09 19:21:25

green one is fab

won't date and tis smart enough (with right accessories) for black tie / cocktail dress events too so you shoul dget more use out of it than just this wedding

PortAndLemon Thu 02-Jul-09 19:30:40

The original dress doesn't flatter you but would be perfectly acceptable (i.e. you wouldn't have all your relatives tutting at each other and saying "Did you see what alarkaspree is wearing?"). The green one is (much) nicer, though.

alarkaspree Mon 13-Jul-09 22:16:57

The green dress is on my profile now.

Is it nice? If yes, should I have it shortened? I think it would look better knee length maybe. It is supposed to be knee-length I think, but I have very short legs.

Also any suggestions on accessories? I have goldish shoes on in the picture, probably need to buy a bag.

Thanks for the advice!

differentID Mon 13-Jul-09 22:20:07

the green is really lovely- it suits you so well.

Tillyscoutsmum Mon 13-Jul-09 22:22:40

I like the green one and I think the length is fine... Can't really see the shoes but goldish sounds good.

swedesinsunglasses Mon 13-Jul-09 22:23:24

The green dress is lovely. Don't have it shortened but do wear it with some unfrightened accessories. I think a turquoise wrap/bolero would look amazing.

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