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Sundresses without seam around under bust area.

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DidEinsteinsMum Thu 02-Jul-09 16:42:26

I am looking for a flattering light material sundress without seam or join around under bust area. I am not huge but my bust is larger then accounted for by makers of dresses with these seams and lines and they do look silly when the line goes across the nipple (sorry tmi) rather then underneath the bust. Do these dresses exist when can i find one. And are there any reasonably priced ones?

BellaNoir Thu 02-Jul-09 20:17:53

I have this and it is cotton and the pleating allows for some variance of size in the bust area.
I liked it in black so much I got a khaki one from ebay. Can't find it on the redoute website at the moment though, sorry

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