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Where to get ears re-pierced in London

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bleh Thu 02-Jul-09 13:22:16

I had mine done (using the gun thing) when I was 13 and 16 (I have two holes in each ear), but now one in each ear has closed (and not the same set, IYSWIM).

Where would you recommend? I have some lovely new earrings and would like to wear them.

Mamazon Thu 02-Jul-09 13:24:25

most claires accesories do them. you just go in and they do them there and then. they use a gun. costs about £20.

not the most upmarket of places but for an adult who will care for them properly i can't see their being a problem

smurfgirl Thu 02-Jul-09 13:30:27

Most piercing studios will do it for you. Or House of Fraser.

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