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dress code = cocktail dress... will this do?

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Miamla Thu 02-Jul-09 07:48:19

I knew we were out tomorrow night but i found out late yesterday that its 'cocktail dress'! Argh! men! i could have sorted something out if i'd found out with a bit more time!

anyway, will the outfit i'm wearing on my profile (green skirt,black top) be ok? please try and imagine it accessorised with black beaded choker necklace, little black heels oh and i might even manage a bit of makeup for tomorrow! Argh, just had another thought.. do i need to wear proper tights? i've only got fishnets blush

argh, just had another thought, i'm going to need to take a bag too aren't i? fucksticks! i really don't do this girlie thing very well!

Miamla Thu 02-Jul-09 08:02:11

i'm dropping off active convs already so bumpity bump!

sambo303 Thu 02-Jul-09 08:03:08

wow spectacular and fishnets will look great (although not sure how they will stand up to 33 degrees C)

re bag, cant dp put your stuff in his pockets? That leaves you 2 hands free for champagne/cocktail plus nibbles grin

Miamla Thu 02-Jul-09 08:11:59

thanks sambo! do you really think it'll be ok? i don't feel very 'cocktail dressy' in it because i've been known to wear the skirt to the shops grin

with flip flops though..heels to the shops would be silly!

squeaver Thu 02-Jul-09 08:18:31

That will be fine. If it's still hot, put on a bit of fake tan (can't tell if you need it or not, though) and you won't need tights.

Do you have a small black bag?

Miamla Thu 02-Jul-09 08:23:21

ah ha cunning plan re fake tan instead of tights. hmm, this could either work really well or i end up going out tomorrow as the tango lady (i've never used fake tan before, my legs are lucky to get a shave! in fact atm, one is, one isn't because i forgot to do the left one!)

bag problem solved mum's popping round with a selection

hullygully Thu 02-Jul-09 08:25:11

Love the baby's walls. Why is the skirt all pinned up like that?

squeaver Thu 02-Jul-09 08:26:55

Do a search on here for fake tan - lots of recommendations and advice. I think most people are going for the St tropez mousse this year.

lowrib Thu 02-Jul-09 08:42:18

Truly stunning outfit, you'll look great grin

I don't do girly in a very organised fashion either - I used to go to black tie events with my old job and I'd always end up going with cigs in my bra blush and money farmed out to work mates!

Going to a wedding this year with a matching handbag for the very first time (and no cigs!) I feel very grown up! (I am 34 blush)

Miamla Thu 02-Jul-09 09:31:42

hullygully... i was going to ask you what baby's walls but then i relooked at my photos and realised! I hadn't remembered the nursery photos were still there. Anyhow, what i mean to say is 'thank you'. I still think it was worth climbing ladders at 39+6 to get it finished!

The skirt isn't pinned, its meant to be like that!

squeaver..thank you! will do!

lowrib... awww chucks! you'll make a girl blush! I wouldn't normally bother re dress etiquette for these things but its DP's company party and he's told me that his job is reliant on how I look and behave! No pressure at all then!

Miamla Thu 02-Jul-09 09:32:10

oh and lowrib... you are grown up! I'm only 33 grin

hullygully Thu 02-Jul-09 10:50:52

M - sorry, not v good at clothes, thought you had it all pinned up!

TrillianAstrahasaJOB Thu 02-Jul-09 10:54:53

Wear the fishnets! They have holes in so they won't make your legs hot, and they'll make it lok more dressed up. With the right accessories that could definitely work for cocktail dress. (use your pushy-uppiest bra too, that always helps wink)

Miamla Thu 02-Jul-09 11:39:33

Oh Trillian, i know you were trying to help but you've solved one problem by agreeing fishnets ok and created another by mentioning the bras!

another argh! I have no bras that do anything for my norks that fit at the moment! I've only got saggy bf ones

i tried on one of my pre-baby corsets last night....lets just say DP was speechless! It was still laced from when i wore it last and there really wasn't much nork actually in the corset!

hullygully...its ok, you're forgiven! its a creation of mine so you'll have definitely seen nothing else like it in the shops!

TrillianAstrahasaJOB Thu 02-Jul-09 11:45:36


Bras are useful and important though, so you could buy one, but if you've only got bf bras does that mean you are still bfing and so don't know what size your norks will be when they settle down?

Miamla Thu 02-Jul-09 11:54:54

you are completely correct! i have many beautiful bras, none of which will ever fit again

DS is 11mths so it won't be too long now until i can go underwear shopping

unless of course i get pregnant again grin

Miamla Thu 02-Jul-09 12:19:15

ok, given that the general consensus seems to be that it'll be ok, I'm off to do some ironing

thanks all, you've all been most helpful!

TrillianAstrahasaJOB Thu 02-Jul-09 12:22:02

Glad to be of help grin

Have fun!

<wishes she were going somewhere that requires cocktail dresses>

lowrib Thu 02-Jul-09 12:27:53

Hot Milk do fantastic, sexy nursing bras (the site looks like they're in NZ but there are lots of stockists in the UK).

I'm BF at the moment but sadly I can't justify the spend right now (first family holiday next week grin)

If you're a D or above Bravissimo are great too

lowrib Thu 02-Jul-09 12:30:45

Oh sugar but you're off out tomorrow. Sorry that probably wasn't very helpful!

Miamla Thu 02-Jul-09 12:41:32

thanks for the thought lowrib!

Trillian... I'm actually out all day shock
we're starting with a buffet lunch, followed by an hour long massage, then a gentle swim/relax by the pool and then its the evening do!
its going to be my longest time away from DS ever but my my am i looking forward to it!

before everyone starts hating me, i haven't been properly out for a long long time!

TrillianAstrahasaJOB Thu 02-Jul-09 12:45:06

Oooh, sounds lovely

TwilightSurfer Thu 02-Jul-09 15:43:28

no hose/tights/stockings

chocker perfect...if black is there a way to add any emerald bits to it...this is just an example...i really like this idea too

keep heels lined...maybe something like this

you'll be BEAUTIFUL!

Miamla Thu 02-Jul-09 18:48:03

TS that second choker is almost identical to the one i'm going to wear and my shoes are a lower version of the ones you've linked to! woooooo spooky!

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