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PLEASE help! i need help finding a wedding outfit.....

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chimchar Thu 02-Jul-09 07:33:04

i'm feeling useless...

have two weddings to go to.(both in early august) will be informal, hippyish, relaxed, lovely family type wedding (bride going barefoot, party in village hall after) and the other is in a really posh hotel, no children, all very stylish friends going in strapless cocktaily type dresses.....

i'm stumped as to what to wear..i hate dressing up, hate showing flesh...have big boobs and need a good hefty bra, so strapless or skinny shoulders are out..i'm 5'6 and a curvy size 12 (but hope to be back to a 10 shortly!!) have very short blonde (ish!) bobbed hair....ummmmmm. thats all!

i fancied a maxi dress but not sure if i can wear one and look nice...are they too informal for a posh wedding?

don't wear high heels either if it makes a difference!

please help...i'm desperate for some guidence.

EldonAve Thu 02-Jul-09 07:52:43

Can you wear wedges?
What colours suit you?
Do you want to wear the same outfit for both?

chimchar Thu 02-Jul-09 08:00:08

hi eldon..thanks for

yes, one outfit for both weddings please.
suit pretty much all colours (red is good on me)
will happily try wedges.
budget is limited...was hoping for £100 max, all, bag etc...

am 34 too if you need to know!

ordinary style could be described as funky, bit individual, comfy, practical...kind of army camo print skirts, layered tops, flarey jeans etc fat face/joe browns type stuff, rather than fashionable, oasis/warehouse look iykwim?

chimchar Thu 02-Jul-09 09:23:45

pleasseeeeee? [beg]

OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper Thu 02-Jul-09 09:41:30

Re. the bra: I wouldn't worry about it as there are fantastic bras nowadays.
I'm a FF cup and have just bought a Wonderbra Everyday, which comes with clear straps - you can wear it strapless or adjust the straps to any position to suit your dress.
I got it from John Lewis but Figleaves stock it also.
I've just bought a dress from next for a garden party - it's not on the website but might be worth going for a look, probably at a bigger branch.
Mine's blue, with subtle frills at the hem, sleeves and neckline, and a cute tiny bird print. They had a similar shorter verion in red.
It's quite floaty looking, which would suit the hippy do, but it's also a bit flirty and short enough to wear kitten heels or jewelled sandals at a posher event.
I'd have thought a maxi would be fine for a posh do though - you could get a nice sparkly hair clip from Accessorize maybe.

EldonAve Thu 02-Jul-09 11:25:49

Have you browsed

Debenhams and Monsoon have maxis
Most of the sales have started now and the instore stock is different to what's online so I'd recommend hitting the shops

chimchar Thu 02-Jul-09 15:09:25

fab! thanks both...

tried on a few maxi's just now....mmmm. not good i have to admit!

will go and browse that site now. cheers!

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