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My hair straightners have died. Where can I buy cheap but genuine GHDs- White?

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Tobermory Wed 01-Jul-09 23:34:46

My hair straightners are no more. Apart from the OMG what shall I do in the morning to make myself look presentable thoughts am also wondering where to buy their replacement. Am liking the pure White but not the £130 ish price tag on the ghdhair website. Have seen some sites selling for £70 basically saying they're not genuine so any alternatives for genuine but cheap?

shhhh Thu 02-Jul-09 10:12:48

I tried to find some about 1-2 months ago after mine died...BUT not successfull. Think I ended up paying £120 for them delivered and they are genuine.

IMO,if you want genuine then you won't get much cheaper iykwim...I tried ebay etc BUT couldn't be sure that although they said genuine that they were..hmm

will try and find my thread..

shhhh Thu 02-Jul-09 10:13:54

btw, mine were the white ones. I thought the latest model but apparently were last years BUT no change to newer models..

shhhh Thu 02-Jul-09 10:15:13


shhhh Thu 02-Jul-09 10:18:17

Hmmm..just looked and they are now sold out and price looks higher than rrp at £150 shock

I didn't pay that much! will look about for you x

shhhh Thu 02-Jul-09 10:20:20

£85 here but no idea if geunine product/seller

shhhh Thu 02-Jul-09 10:26:21

£69 here but same as aboveHmmm...tbh,this is why I paid a bit more than I wanted to..the site I used had a link to ghd to confirm genuine iykwim. I can't really see places selling them for £70 when they rrp at £125 unless fake..BUT I may be

Rindercella Thu 02-Jul-09 10:29:41

This is the 2nd time in the last few days that I have linked to They do a range of (apparently) genuine GHDs. Can't see any white ones on there, but all they are all £20-£40 off the rrp.

shhhh Thu 02-Jul-09 10:45:29

look fantastic are good, i didn't suggest them as didn't have pure ones...

Winetimeisfinetime Thu 02-Jul-09 10:50:26

qvc have these Rare IV ones for £110 -

Winetimeisfinetime Thu 02-Jul-09 10:52:50

God I'm gormless - sorry I misread the op and thought you were looking for Rare not Pure.

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