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a sunblock that REALLY works?

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vannah Wed 01-Jul-09 20:41:11

my daughter has had a recent burns accident and consequently must be well protected in the sun. Even the slightest colour from the sun will result in a permanent discolouration as her skin has not fully healed yet.

So I have protective clothing and am trying to keep her out of the sun this year, but for short trips to the shops - best sun block?
I have asian complexion and my husband is white, but our daugther is more my skin colour. In the past I have found high factor sun creams to be totally useless on me, I still colour and all of my family say the same - that they actually get darker with sun block! (we are not staying out in the sun for long) so in the last couple of years I stopped using it.
Im sure my theory that sun block actually doesnt protect you from the sun is warped. Does anyone have a good experience of a totally effective block/cream?

PortBlacksandResident Wed 01-Jul-09 20:50:22

Gosh - your poor daughter. Maybe your GP can advise on the very best ones to use. For TOTAL block i think those zinc ones the cricketers wear may be the best option. Or at the very least a pharmacist can advise you.

vannah Wed 01-Jul-09 21:59:57

thankyou, ok will try gp

poshwellies Wed 01-Jul-09 22:07:39

P20 is a good block although not high factor.Googled and found this-sounds good though!.

fishie Wed 01-Jul-09 22:11:21

you need a complete barrier not a protection, am sure gp will help.

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