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Birkenstock repairs - can they be resoled at a normal cobbler?

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My Birki clogs have worn down to the cork footbed in one place. The official repair can take up to 6 weeks and I can't bare to be without them for that long, especially over summer. Will normal cobblers repair them?

hana Tue 30-Jun-09 17:59:43

they will but won't be the birkenstock sole. I've had it done to a few pairs, they've been ok

6 weeks! that's a long time

Thanks. Think I can live without the Birkenstock sole, is there much noticable difference either to the look or feel?

hana Tue 30-Jun-09 18:55:13

it depends on where you have them done - ask to look at what they'll be doing. I've had it with a 'solid' kind of rubber sole that had no movement, and one with a fake birkenstock print, they were better as the sole had a bit of 'give' to it

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