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What do you think of this dress? And other questions...

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used2bthin Mon 29-Jun-09 16:40:38

This is the dress

It is good on me for colour and the shape is ok I think but it may cling to my tummy. Would it be good for a pear (shaped person like me) do we think?

Any other ideas? I like it but don't love it, I've been looking for a flowery dress for two years and no luck! I'm 5.10 ish and 12-14 on the bottom, 10-12 on top. Dark hair and brown eyes. TIA!

MagNacarta Mon 29-Jun-09 16:43:06

No, will make anyone over 25 look frumpy. If however you are under 25 you'll have to be careful with what you wear with it. Not a good shape for a pear either.

krugerparkrules Mon 29-Jun-09 16:45:13

I quite like it and think it will suit a pear shape - not sure what fabric type is - if it has some give in it i think it would look rather nice ....

used2bthin Mon 29-Jun-09 16:48:43

It is jersey, I tried it on last week and it didn't cling but I tried a 12 and it was too big in the bust area so was thinking of ordering a ten and seeing if it fits. I am 29 though, wanted it for my 30th and a friends 30th this weekend! To wear with leggings and bright pink heels. Oh dear would it look a bit wrong?

used2bthin Mon 29-Jun-09 16:51:42

Where am I missing? I feel like I have looked everywhere! Online if possible but can get to most places just not h and m.

TheFool Mon 29-Jun-09 16:52:32


used2bthin Mon 29-Jun-09 16:56:43

Meh at the dress or meh about the question?

LetThemEatCake Mon 29-Jun-09 17:12:55

I'm sorry but I don't think you should wear that dress with leggings and bright pink heels. And I think you need something a bit more "wow" for your 30th, it's an important occasion! one that you will look back on with fondness and a few tears wink Take it from my haggard 36 yo self wink

ThePhantomPlopper Mon 29-Jun-09 17:15:40

Personally I don't particularly like it.

I wouldn't wear it for parties either, especially your own.

used2bthin Mon 29-Jun-09 17:18:05

You are right letthemeatcake but what? I really can't find anything that doesn't make e look enormous. I need something for this saturday but it doesnt have to be what I wear for my birthday necessarily. Just seen a couple of nice ones in warehose but I am pretty sure they would emphasize my big hips and bum! What would you put the dress with? Although I am swiftly going off it and would rather find a better one!

LetThemEatCake Mon 29-Jun-09 17:20:31

by the way, your description of yourself - I'm 5.10 ish and 12-14 on the bottom, 10-12 on top. Dark hair and brown eyes - cold just about be me (or at least me when I am not pregnant, as I am now) Don't go thinking that you can't wear a more pencil-ly shape, just cos you;re a pear.

otherwise, I am selling a rather gorgeous once-worn Karen Millen prom-dress on ebay at the mo .. won't say any more because I know there are rules about self-promotion and whatnot.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Mon 29-Jun-09 17:21:14

I like it and I think the colours and print will disguise a normal tummy.

Anyone over 21 - it is not natural to have a flat tummy imo.

LetThemEatCake Mon 29-Jun-09 17:21:21

oh oooops, cross-posts. What's your budget? I'll have a wee look

used2bthin Mon 29-Jun-09 17:30:19

Ooh LTEC how can I find out more? Not sure if a prom dress would be too much as we are just going to bars but would definately have a look. Budget up to £70 ish, less if just for this sat.

FabBakerGirl I am glad someone else likes it! I love the pattern but think I will probably be between sizes. Might order it as a back up plan and return to the shop if I find something better.

reikizen Mon 29-Jun-09 17:32:04

Nope, I don't like it either. And not for your 30th. It is like a Laura Ashley print from the 80's and not in a good way. But if you could see what I am wearing now you wouldn't dream of taking style advice from me!!! wink

used2bthin Mon 29-Jun-09 17:32:34

TPP just seen your post missed it earlier. No hopefully not for my party as long as I can find something pretty but I'm getting desperate to find soething for a friends birthday this weekend. It will be just a few bars rather than a party but I'd rather find something with a bt more coverage tbh.

used2bthin Mon 29-Jun-09 17:33:56

Lol reikizen but ok definately not for my 30th. I have got six weeks to sort that out and am hoping to tone up a bit so maybe will be braver for that.

used2bthin Mon 29-Jun-09 17:38:34

I like this one but I think it would gape at my non existent bust? And possible cling to my tummy. Hmm. Pretty though.

LetThemEatCake Mon 29-Jun-09 17:40:17

ok shhhhh

but yes probably too much for bars

this is lovely and the ruffles would balance out a pear

floral and flattering, could easily be va va voomed up with the right accessories

would you consider a maxi dress? as I say, it sounds as though we are very similar and I love maxis .. casual glamour!!

used2bthin Mon 29-Jun-09 17:45:24

Oh thanks for the links I have had a quick look but have to take over with DD now so will come back later to look properly. I love the pattern on the last one but think I want little sleeves maybe to cover bra straps as I am flat chested but droopy blush . Your one is beautiful but yes too much for where we are going, shame!

ThePhantomPlopper Mon 29-Jun-09 17:48:15

With your height a maxi dress is good choice, there are loads of really nice ones around ATM.

I'm too short to wear them.

used2bthin Mon 29-Jun-09 19:50:32

Thanks TPP yes they are pretty I don't think I'd feel like me in one though iyswim? What did you think of my warehouse one?

used2bthin Mon 29-Jun-09 21:54:03

Bump for opinions on the warehouse dress I linked to, or failing that, any codes for discount at warehouse? I can't help but feel that at that price I could maybe find something better but I won't know until I try it on and don't want to risk waiting till thursday when I can get to the shops. They do free returns anyway.

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