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What do I wear under this halterneck?

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boogeek Mon 29-Jun-09 10:06:46

In a fit of ebay enthusiasm (given that all maternity wear in the shops this season is black or white and sensible) I bought this sundress - I didn't even really notice it was halterneck. I don't really do halterneck. It is really nice, but I'd like to wear it not only on the beach and it is really low at the front and really thin cotton. I could put T-shirt under it, but it is hot; a vest top looks weird; what do I do? Please?

jojos4angels Mon 29-Jun-09 10:10:35

I would wear a bikini top underneath it, but you could also get away with a vest top if it was the thin strappy type maybe with a v neck.

lilacclaire Mon 29-Jun-09 10:31:28

a boob tube?

boogeek Mon 29-Jun-09 12:34:46

Thanks - bikini top could work. Can't bear the thought of a boob tube!

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