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Stretchy black mildly bootleg trousers?

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SenseAndIrritability Sun 28-Jun-09 21:16:43

Please help me, shopping gurus...

I have tried and tried, but I hate leggings.

Instead, I am hankering for a pair of stretchy, black, skinny or very slightly bootleg trousers ... I am thinking that a very, very heavy jersey would do the trick - heavy enough to keep their shape. Something that won't fade or bobble.

(Please don't let the fact I intend to live in these trousers for the rest of my life put you off helping me.)

mrsmerryweather Sun 28-Jun-09 21:19:31

Have a look at the Boden preview- cotton bootleggie
I think that should owrk.

mrsmerryweather Sun 28-Jun-09 21:20:09

They are called Smart Uptown Trousers.

brokenspacebar Mon 29-Jun-09 00:06:53

these are not cotton, but if they are the same ones as I have, they are really stretchy and very comfortable... don't loose their shape/get baggy knees.

Rindercella Mon 29-Jun-09 00:13:50

I used to own an exact pair of these, many, many years ago & I adorded them, wore them to the death. Can't remember where I got them from, but know they were pricey (at the time).

Will keep a check on this thread just in case a wise MNer comes up trumps for you smile

SenseAndIrritability Mon 29-Jun-09 08:56:36

Ooooh, brokenspacebar, they look to be exactly what I want - I am after something with no uncomfortable waistband, pocket, studs, anything that will dig in and make me feel miserable - especially with my new, post-baby body... Just wish they weren't quite so bootleg - I think what I actually want is a straight leg style...

Rindercella, I had such a pair, too - I picked them up for about £5 in a market and they lasted about three years of constant wear - I took them travelling and they were brilliant: one night living it up in a swanky bar in Hong Kong - quick wash in the sink - the next week wearing them hiking up a mountain in Mainland China... I wonder if I secretly imagine that if I can find Magic Trousers again I will do something fabulous in them (rather than slouch off to stay and play via the supermarket smile)

BobtheWoodmouse Mon 29-Jun-09 09:12:26

Joseph usually do a few styles of plain black trousers every year. They are very heavy and nice quality with good sucky-in retention and no embelishments but tend to be very long so this may affect the bootleg part after hemming. Straight legs should be OK though. Not cheap but might be worth a look in case they turn out to be the glass slipper of trousers for you.

brokenspacebar Mon 29-Jun-09 12:13:10

they also have these SAI, bootflare which look less flared, they don't come in different lengths.

Topshop do loads of styles of trousers, so it might be worth going and trying some on. I have two pairs of black trousers from there just now, one wide and the ones I linked to. The stretchy ones I have sit quite low, but they really are very comfortable and the stretch makes them forgiving too imho.

SenseAndIrritability Wed 01-Jul-09 06:54:15

Thanks everyone - I think I will try Topshop in the first instance. That shop that always terrifies me, but if I'd know they had useful clothes...

makipuppy Wed 01-Jul-09 09:34:19

I've ordered these which apparently work pregnant and post preg.

I've also got some great ones from Jospeh- last forever, stay black, never ever bag at knees. Not charlie cheap though...

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