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Do men not get cracked heels and hard skin on their feet?

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pania Sun 28-Jun-09 18:42:37

Was just reading PedEgg post and wondered. Dh has lovely smooth skin on his feet and I'v just realized I think of it as an exclusively female problem.. is it? And if so WHY?

pania Sun 28-Jun-09 18:43:01

Also What is a toe wedge??

mrsmaidamess Sun 28-Jun-09 18:45:17

My dh gets dry heels but NO TOE WEDGE. It's not fair. Toe wedge is the actual corner of hardened skin one gets on the side of one's big toe. I think dry hard skin is a hormonal thing too.

edam Sun 28-Jun-09 18:45:25

Because men wear comfy shoes?

Never thought of it as a female thing, will go and peer at some male feet. grin

pania Sun 28-Jun-09 18:52:14

I hardly ever wear shoes at home, and I'm at home most of the time, and still get it. I even have callouses on top of my big toes - how does that happen? It must be hormonal I think.

Hmm that's what I suspected toe wedge might be MrsM. Have that too [sigh]

TrillianAstrahasaJOB Sun 28-Jun-09 19:05:24

Because they wear socks all the time, and flat shoes with structured soles.

LilRedWG Sun 28-Jun-09 19:07:02

DH has hard skin and I must say that FIL's are positively hoof-like.

edam Sun 28-Jun-09 19:08:47

Toe wedge has to be caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes - i.e. any shoe sold to women under the age of 80 as compared to sensible granny shoes.

BonsoirAnna Sun 28-Jun-09 19:10:56

DP's feet get much worse than mine if he doesn't take care of them. But he rubs off dry skin in the bath and sleeps with his feet slathered in Flexitol and all is OK!

Stilla Sun 28-Jun-09 21:00:21

Ive always thought it was down to wearing slingbacks,flip flops anything that doesn't cover the heel hmm
when in Greece/Turkey I have noticed lots of guys with really 'scabby' feet with cracked heels etc.......usually who work round beach/on boats etc where they are in flip flops all day .

brimfull Sun 28-Jun-09 21:02:10

dh's feet are as smooth as a babies and he does nothing to them
he hardly ever goes barefoot though

IkeaSnake Sun 28-Jun-09 21:03:47

my skin is so hard ont he ball of my foot that it cant go around the corner so often forms what my chriop calls a " rift" grin

jemart Sun 28-Jun-09 23:21:38

My DH has truly appalling feet, so cracked heels and hard skin must be common to both sexes.

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