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Whole outfit needed for a relatives wedding in a couple of weeks

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couture1 Sun 28-Jun-09 13:57:25

Really panicking now as I cant find anything - glamorous and stylish - Help!!

Swedes Sun 28-Jun-09 14:03:01

What type of wedding/where?
What's your budget?
What body shape are you?
What colours suit you?

couture1 Sun 28-Jun-09 14:06:52

Its a country wedding in a Stately Home.
Would not want to spend more than £150 for a dress unless I really loved it and know I can wear it again.
Im a size 10, 5ft 4 with dark hair.
I like all colours.

mrsmerryweather Sun 28-Jun-09 14:13:05

Have you had a look at []]

lots of items in sale- I love this looks much nicer in the flesh.

mrsmerryweather Sun 28-Jun-09 14:13:55

Clure Sun 28-Jun-09 14:15:03

obvious but have you looked at monsoon?

couture1 Sun 28-Jun-09 16:58:12,5,shop,women,dresses,wommax idress

What do you think of the yellowy maxi dresses on here?

Swedes Sun 28-Jun-09 20:46:25

There is a Phase Eight dress called the Jackie Dress in brown and ivory polka dot with a ruche front. It is currently in the sale sale and it would be lovely with an ivory hat and an ivory wrap and perhaps a big chocolate-coloured corsage to secure the wrap?

couture1 Sun 28-Jun-09 21:51:14

that Jackie spot dress is nice - will pop into town tomorrow and try it on.

Is there such a thing as a dressy / classy maxi dress?

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