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ammonia and peroxide free hair colour safe?

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michelle89 Sat 27-Jun-09 15:32:20

im 11weeks pregnant, i have naturally blonde hair but iv been dying it black for about 3yrs.
i no there are alot of views on hair dying during pregnancy, the main reason ppl say you shudnt do it is becuase the chemicals tht can be absorbed into the skin.
iv found a semi-perminant hair dye (la riche directions) that is free from ammonia and peroxide, it doesnt smell and just looks like paint.
i heard off baby expert that its the mixture of ammonia and peroxide that can be absorbed, so if this doesnt have it, does it mean its safe to use?
i used it a few hours ago (not that it covered much) but im still worried now (im a worryer) advice?

mumblecrumble Sat 27-Jun-09 16:39:38

Ask your doctor/midwife?

I dyed my hair and painted all 20 nails all the time. But have to admit couldn't bare to risk it during pregnancy [PFB syndrome perhaps?] Painted my nails just before due but haven;t dyed my hair since. Can;t be arsed to be honest....

Sure its probably fine but if you're worried see GP?

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