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where can i buy "Ballet" underwear?

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biglips Sat 14-May-05 21:05:26

esp bras as i loved them and the shop closed down.
as they fitted me perfect

sansouci Sat 14-May-05 21:08:15

I think Bravissimo does Ballet stuff. Google Bravissimo to find site... I've yet to figure out how to insert a link.

biglips Sat 14-May-05 21:25:02

thanks Sansouci - ive looked at the site and it does have Ballet - youve made my day

starlover Sat 14-May-05 21:32:54

i think figleaves does it too

sansouci Sat 14-May-05 21:36:00

It is I who thanks you, BigLips. I was about to commit MN hara-kiri.

ChristieF Thu 16-Jul-09 12:56:58

Have you tried undies2u online. I only wear Sloggi (yes I know not very attractive but super stretchy and comfy). For some reason sloggi bras (don't wear their knix) are very hard to find. Normally get them at Debenhams but not re-stocking. Was gobsmacked. Even Figleaves (who are great) don't do them. So went for Undies2u (think that's how it goes) had a great range. Very fast delivery. Will use agai n.

BodenGroupie Thu 16-Jul-09 15:42:44

Often see it in TK Maxx and department stores.

Lilymaid Thu 16-Jul-09 15:51:29

John Lewis and Figleaves

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