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Please help me find a summer wardrobe!

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blondissimo Fri 26-Jun-09 13:53:02

I am regretfully a size 16 post baby, and used to be a 12. I would normally have no problem choosing my summer things, in fact I class shopping as a hobbygrin, but I now just feel so large that none of the normal nice things will fit/look nice on me.
I'm 29 so don't want anything too boring if possible, but would like things that are flattering.
To put you in the picture, I'd say I am an apple shape - I have pretty good legs up to about mid thigh where they stick togethergrin, ok bum, big saggy mummy tummy, huuuuuuge saggy 36GG boobies, and quite fat arms at the top. But I don't mind strappy tops in the summer, but cannot wear strapless due to the norks.
Now I better stop or I'll have all the Dadsnetters droolinggrin.

EldonAve Sun 28-Jun-09 09:21:56

bumping for you

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