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Bras again. Sorry to be a bore but I am stuck.

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OrmIrian Fri 26-Jun-09 12:00:01

Help! Please!

I have a real problem with finding a bra that fits properly. We have no bra-fitting type shops round here - beleive me I've checked sad. I have raised this subject so sorry to be a bore but I am desperate.

I am a really odd shape. I have a wide back - I buy a 38 and it isn't loose hmm. I've usually gone for a B cup. But since I've lost weight the bra cups are usually too big but I get a bulge around the sides of the bra at the front of my arms. It looks vile. Even my new sports bra that is really comfortable looks bad - I have some really good running tops that I simply can't wear because they look lumpy. All the websites I've looked at suggest that a lot of problems require a smaller size and a larger cup - I really can't see that would help me. If I could I'd go without but after bfing for the best part of 9 years I need support!

So wtf can I do. Skimpy tits with a bulge under the arms. I think it might be muscle as it firms up when I flex my arms but regardless of what it is it's horrible.

BarbaraWoodlouse Fri 26-Jun-09 12:26:02

What dress size are you? Although you say 38 isn't tight I'm suspecting the "smaller band bigger cup" thing that most good bra fitters are doing might work here.

Are you buying underwired?

OrmIrian Fri 26-Jun-09 12:28:39

Underwired for normal bras. Not for running bras.

I'm a 14 top half, 10/12 bottom.

fleacircus Fri 26-Jun-09 12:29:53

If you look on the Bravissimo website I'm pretty sure there's a section that talks you through how a bra should look when it fits, and which direction to take it in if it doesn't. You say the 38 isn't loose - can you get a look at your back in a mirror or get someone else to look and see if the strap at the back is riding up at all? If so it's too big!

fleacircus Fri 26-Jun-09 12:31:29

The 'bulge' could be because cups are too small - do you 'put' your breasts into your bra? Either by hoiking them up into the cups once it's on or by bending forwards and giving them a jiggle.

BarbaraWoodlouse Fri 26-Jun-09 12:35:13

Yes, I'm definitely thinking that you need to come down at least one back size, poss two.

I'm fairly broad backed, size 14 top and wear a 32(F). Had previously been wearing a 38C. Even allowing for changes due to pregnancy/breastfeeding/weightloss that's quite a difference.

32 did feel ridiculously tight when I first put it on but it is definitely right.

I'm thinking that a smaller back will pull the underwire into the right place and allow your boobs to fill the cups better IYSWIM.

Can you manage try on or order a selection around the 32C/34C range and see how you get on?

EldonAve Fri 26-Jun-09 12:35:39

if you are a 14 I would expect you to be more like a 32/34 band

bravissimo also offer advice on the phone

BunnyLebowski Fri 26-Jun-09 12:35:51

I'm watching this with interest Orm as I have a similar problem.

Measuring the traditional way I come out wearing a 40c shock which to me seems like Hattie Jacques territory! I wear a size 14 comfortably and don't look that large or buxom.

Bras never seem to fit properly.....le sigh sad

Anyway hope you get sorted!

BarbaraWoodlouse Fri 26-Jun-09 12:35:56

Yes, jiggling also good grin

EldonAve Fri 26-Jun-09 12:36:01

if you are a 14 I would expect you to be more like a 32/34 band

bravissimo also offer advice on the phone

fleacircus Fri 26-Jun-09 12:36:40

If you're a 14 I think the 38 is too big - I wear a 36 and I was a 16/18 (6mths pregnant so all bets are off at the moment).

OrmIrian Fri 26-Jun-09 12:40:00

Wow! Really. A 34 shock

That is really helpful. I will give it a go. I can't imagine I'd be able to breathe grin

It can't be any worse than it is atm though.

Thanks so much!

FigmentOfYourImagination Fri 26-Jun-09 12:40:52

I am a 12 - 5ft 7, 10st 6lbs (but working on it!) and wear a 32 back. I have a narrow back but a big cup size (F/FF).

Try ordering a selection of sizes and styles from figleaves/bravissimo and try them on. You can always send them back and most of the time there is a good discount code to be had for figleaves.

FigmentOfYourImagination Fri 26-Jun-09 12:42:22

I'd try a 36B, a 36C, a 34C and a 38A (just to check your theory of the back size being right and the cup size being bigger than you need).

ClaireDeLoon Fri 26-Jun-09 12:42:58

When you get measured and they take your back size down it does take some adjusting to - they even say don't wear your new bras day after day, alternate with your new bras. I found them very tight to begin with and was convinced she had sized me worng but now they are fine.

mosschops30 Fri 26-Jun-09 12:44:11

Can you get to a Bravissimo? I went for the first time last month and was amazed at the way they fitted bras and Ive never felt so comfortable in my life.
Expensive, but worth it, seeing as you wear a bra all day every day.

Will never ever EVER go to M&S again!

OrmIrian Fri 26-Jun-09 12:45:53

Sadly not mosschops. I am even willing to override the horror I have of a stranger handling my norks to get this right grin. But nothing round here. Even the old-fashioned lingerie shop in the next town has closed down. We have a La Sensa but I don't think they will be much good hmm

FigmentOfYourImagination Fri 26-Jun-09 12:46:40

I should, in theory be a 30" back but that would make me a 30G/GG.

I say 'should' because you are supposed to be able to fasten the bra on the loosest clips and it should be firm fitting. This is because the back band will stretch with washing and so you should be able to size the band down using the fasteners as the bra gets older and the elasticity begins to go in the back.

My bras are always fastened on the tightest clips and are a 32, so I should size down a back size and up a cup size. The thought of being a 30GG just makes me feel shock. The choice of bras at that size is diminished too. It's not exactly abundant at 32F!

FigmentOfYourImagination Fri 26-Jun-09 12:47:28

La Senza undies are crap. The bras come up tiny and are very uncomfortable.

OrmIrian Fri 26-Jun-09 12:49:53

I know figment. DH is always buying me very pretty and very uncomfortable stuff from there.

BunnyLebowski Fri 26-Jun-09 12:50:22

Good so it's not just me Figment. I ran out of that place in tears a few years back after I couldn't shoehorn meself into even their biggest bras!

FigmentOfYourImagination Fri 26-Jun-09 12:51:18

I'd say the cups are at least a size or even 2 out @ La Senza

FigmentOfYourImagination Fri 26-Jun-09 12:53:12

LOL @ Mr Orm. They have some nice designs, I agree with that but they are horrible to wear ! Perhaps best kept as bedroom undies

FigmentOfYourImagination Fri 26-Jun-09 12:55:39

This is my favourite bra.

I have it in every colour! The fit is perfect and supportive but it still looks sexy and very comfortable. It is a style which actually looks BETTER on big jugs. HURRAH !

FigmentOfYourImagination Fri 26-Jun-09 12:57:24

looks too busy on a smaller bust though.

They should have put a bigger Freya type model in it for the pics

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