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think I may have nailed this "holiday capsule wardrobe" thing!

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LetThemEatCake Thu 25-Jun-09 22:51:23

Have just come back from 5 days away with dh, dd and ds - 2 nights at a posh country manor hotel spa Bovey Castle and 3 nights at a fantastic (really highly recommend this place), more low key, child friendly hotel, Bedruthan Steps and didn't want for things to wear, despite engaging in a mix of adult dinners, meals with the children, archery, time with the kids, time in the spa, time by the pool and - of course - time stuck in the car on the motorway

one cotton jersey charcoal strapless maxi
another maxi, more colourful
one sundress
one floral print silk blousey top thing
red wedges
gold flat strappy sandals
purple Havaianas
red straw clutch
couple of chunky plastic bangles
yellow feather earrings
red/ yellow/ orange patterned charity shop scarf
bootcut jeans
black one piece cozzie

have never achieved this before so am feeling ever so slightly Gokked with myself.

Lissya Thu 25-Jun-09 23:05:45

Sounds great! Had a sneaky look at your profile though and you are cheating grin as you are clearly gorgeous, you are one of the lucky sorts who could throw on a sleeping bag and make it look designer!

I need lots of scaffolding so every outfit I take needs foundation underwear... sigh...

monkeysmama Sun 28-Jun-09 10:16:52

LTEC - thanks for this. Interested in where you got your jersey charcoal strapless maxi from...?

LetThemEatCake Sun 28-Jun-09 10:40:15

hi monkeysmama - from It's this dress but in charcoal (although I did buy this purple one too... figured while I was on to a good thing....wink)

It's out of stock now but you could email them to see whether they're getting more in?

Lissya - not at all. My profile pic was taken last August ... am now 6 months pregnant and huuuuuuuuge. All over. And maternity spanx are annoyingly elusive - out of stock every time I look!

monkeysmama Sun 28-Jun-09 10:53:44

Have just emailed to ask - what a lovely dress! Thanks again wink

CHOOGIRL Sun 28-Jun-09 15:00:32

Maternity Spanx (mama) are in stock at

I had to send the purple dress back - think I was being a bit ambitious with 34E norks!!

LetThemEatCake Sun 28-Jun-09 20:02:05

good luck monkeysmama - let us know if you get it!

Hi Choogirl! how have you been keeping? Ta for the heads up on the maternity Spanx - honestly, some days I think the baby is growing in my bum rather than my tummy. Something to suck it all would be great.
I didn't know you'd bought the purple dress .. shame that you had to send it back. What other purchases have you made lately? I need to shop vicariously through you grin

CHOOGIRL Sun 28-Jun-09 21:48:12

In the last couple of weeks I have been really bad. DP has only just realised that the DHL man has been delivering clothes.

theory skirt
see by chloe maxi dress
marc by marc jacobs dress
another marc jacobs
work dress
jumpsuit which was recommended on another thread
vivienne westwood top

Now I have listed it all, I feel quite bad so some of it will need to go backblush. I haven't even started on shoes yet smile

monkeysmama Sun 28-Jun-09 21:59:23

Oooh Choogirl some nice things! I missed the thread with the jumpsuit on it - I really like jumpsuits and that one is very nice. I've got quite a few already though I've had my favourite for 4 or 5 years - way ahead of fashion!

grin at DH just realising the deliveries were all clothes. I thought my dp hadn't noticed all my deliveries but he recently mentioned it as a joke to friends and I was very blush!

LetThemEatCake Sun 28-Jun-09 23:05:07

Choogirl ... you're killing me (softly)

Gorgeous stuff ... and how funny that we seem to favour the same designers .. Theory, Marc by Marc Jacobs and See by Chloe rank highly in my closet. I have the MJ navy polka dot dress, too smile

You don't mention the Chinas? have they made it from shopping bag to foot yet??

LOL about your DH ... is he the one signing for them? I seem to remember you saying that he works from home? I've often timed my orders so that delivery will coincide with one of Dh's many work trips blush

sifuentes Mon 29-Jun-09 12:32:59

I am so jealous of the spotty dress. but all sold out and am nearly 12 wks preg so must stop looking at waisted things.

Hi LTEC you are totally gorgeous, and bet you're not that enormous. I would let you Gok me any time. Am finding it very annoyingnot knowing what to but this summer as no bigger on the tummy yet but will be soon and boobs have already grown out of last years' dresses. it's tough. but cheap at least!

Also do you need to be tall to wear a maxi? I am 5ft5 and tried one on but it looked like a tent...

sifuentes Mon 29-Jun-09 12:35:06

would [ this] dress accommodate a first timer's 20-22 week bumb do you think?

LetThemEatCake Mon 29-Jun-09 15:34:29

ahhhh ... the maxi question .. .I have been having this discussion with a friend, also pregnant but slightly shorter than me. She thinks you need to be tall but I think that Nicole Richie, for instance, looks great in a maxi when pregnant ... as long as she doesn't swamp the rest of herself with loose hair and huge sunnies. So if you are more petite then I would say wear a maxi but make sure your neck & shoulders are exposed to balance you out .. scrape your hair up/ back and don't do sleeves. In any case, at 5-5 I would say you were on the tall side of short, if you get me. I think the Chloe dress WOULD accommodate a bump but I also think that, as it is ever so slightly nightie-ish, you would actually need to be reed thin and 6 feet tall to wear it well. I could be wrong though!!

But, on the subject of dresses, here's one I bought when I was about 12 weeks pregnant and am still wearing and loving at 28 weeks on sale now too - very versatile, flattering, quite timeless - plus you'll be able to wear it post-baby - ticks all the boxes!!

congrats on your pregnancy by the way! I'm sure we have chatted before on this board, I recognise your screen name - good news! hope you are feeling really well x

sifuentes Mon 29-Jun-09 15:51:47

oh my God such excellent advice, thanks! Totally right about the white dress. phew. saved me remailing it!

We have chatted before but i disappeared off for a while. Thanks for the congrats Have had terrible MS so really looking forward to entering into a more fun part of the preg game.

I like that Paul and Joe dress but it would be a new experience for me to wear something so unfitted from the boobs down. Will have to happen sooner rather than later though so I should give it a go. Trying to wean myself off black but that is a bit of a bargain...hmmm

[puts up GONE SHOPPING sign].

LetThemEatCake Mon 29-Jun-09 16:32:36

here's a good bump maxi, low stock though, so hurry if you're keen.... It's still white but the tie dye and the straps make it a bit less Victorian nightie, I think, so may be a good alternative? lots cheaper too!!!! And I love this maxi too which would also work well with a bump. Way to make a statement if you are trying to train yourself away from black!!

and this is heaven, I am seriously tempted to snaffle it myself BUT [gracious emocion] will give you first shot at it.

Have also just realised that the Paul & joe dress is sold out so this might be a good alternative.

also, mamalamode are up to 85% off at the mo, with a further 10% if you enter code SL10 at checkout.

Hope some of this is useful!

CHOOGIRL Tue 30-Jun-09 15:56:35

Hi Cake

Yesterday I went to Selfridges and tried on the China's (although they are not called that in Selfridges for some reason) Anyway they are just too high for me. I did see some silver Choo wedges on line but in my procrastination they have sold out. Just as well for the bank balance smile I really wish the Outnet and Net-a-porter would stop emailing me when they get new stock as I inevitably go online and buy something.

sifuentes Wed 01-Jul-09 14:08:48

LTEC I haven't been on for a couple of days but thank you so much. Love the little black Paul and Joe alternative and the first cheapy Oli one - hope they still have my size.

and will have to concentrate properly on the mama la mode site.


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