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SO i am going to Dns christening on Sunday. Its going to be warm.

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Saltire Thu 25-Jun-09 15:56:55

I hope its going to be warm. forecast says it will. There is going to be a BBQ after wards. I am planning on wearing very loose black cotton trousers, with a purple or red top. On my feet I was going to wear my black sling back shoes. However, if it's hot and my feet are sore anyway, they will swell. Don't have black sandals, the ones I have are a sort of plumy/copper colour. I have black flip flops with jewel effect on, maybe they would do

KerryMumbles Fri 26-Jun-09 00:42:44


Were you looking for FAQ on fb? Where'd you go? You're not on my friend list anymore...

Anywho I found her.

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