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I have money to spend at LK Bennett but I'm a scruffy SAHM

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EldonAve Wed 24-Jun-09 20:24:05

I have money to spend at LK Bennett but I'm a scruffy SAHM
I don't need any dresses or court shoes

Should I just wait for winter and buy boots?

stillstanding Wed 24-Jun-09 20:26:51

They do quite nice flat shoes and bags too if you are in the market for those?

Wheelybug Wed 24-Jun-09 20:29:17

didn't realise this was you. Was about to post - me too ! I had some vouchers for my birthday last year (and my birthday is in 3 weeks time !) and have yet to spend them.

A top tip I have been given is the Kingston sale shop where a friend is always getting ncie things for £10. Whenever I go in there is nothing I like though.

I think I might wait and get boots (if I get my calves slim enough in time grin).

EldonAve Wed 24-Jun-09 20:31:56

I don't like any of the current bags but the A/W stock may be better

I won a competition - just could have done with winning it 2 mths earlier (bought dress & shoes for bro's wedding at great expense)

EldonAve Wed 24-Jun-09 20:32:58

Hi Wheelybug - I didn't realise there was a sale shop in Kingston. Might have to go in the hols (stick kids in creche etc)

BlameItOnTheBogey Wed 24-Jun-09 20:35:45

I've heard that you can sell gift vouchers for a good price on ebay and then use the money to shop wherever you like. Personally I love LK Bennett and would offer to but them from you except am pregnant and don't fit anymore but I bet there are loads of people who would be interested.

Wheelybug Wed 24-Jun-09 20:45:15

Thats why mine haven't been used Blameit - I found out I was pg just before I got them.

eldon - it is a big shop but I did notice a estate agent board in it the other day so might nto be there for ever. So maybe check before going (I'll keep an eye out !). Give us a shout if you do, we could maybe meet up for coffee.

stillstanding Thu 25-Jun-09 14:47:24

If you're interested, there's also a sale shop in Wimbledon but only shoes and pretty small.

EldonAve Fri 26-Jun-09 20:37:08


cthea Fri 26-Jun-09 23:31:53

The one in Kingston was still open last weekend. Mostly evening clothes, though, but lots of shoes. Still pricey.

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