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The Mighty PED EGG has transformed my feet....

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mrsmaidamess Tue 23-Jun-09 22:38:48

..which were not pretty about an hour ago and now I can't stop pointing my toes.

QOD Tue 23-Jun-09 22:43:26

ha, its even reduced my huge big toe wedge LOL
great arent they? I have a pink one, i find it really funny that we dither over the colours!

mrsmaidamess Tue 23-Jun-09 22:45:36

lol , yes I had big toe wedges too, I hated them. My heels are like a baby's now. <preen>

I bought mine on ebay for a couple of quid. (It was second hand).


BananaFruitBat Tue 23-Jun-09 22:48:01


at QOD.

Mine is white. I wanna pink one.

Meglet Tue 23-Jun-09 22:49:08

just the thought of those skin shavings makes me go queasy. I shall stick to my fish shaped pumice and some nice foot cream.

Heathcliffscathy Tue 23-Jun-09 22:49:49

oooo yes. it does work.

mrsmaidamess Tue 23-Jun-09 22:50:07

Its a fine powder. It's compelling actually. The only difference is you catch them rather than have them all over your carpet or bathroom. Mine were grey!

giraffesCantRunA10k Tue 23-Jun-09 22:52:51

I need one.

mrsmaidamess Tue 23-Jun-09 22:53:48

they are £9 in the shops!

Tidey Tue 23-Jun-09 22:57:57

I've been thinking of getting one as I have horrible dry skin on my heels, but I have an aversion to nail files/emery boards, they make me go cold all over, nails-down-a-blackboard style. Is it anything like that? I just get the impression that it would make a nasty grinding sound.

This post makes me sound even more of a loon than usual.

mrsmaidamess Tue 23-Jun-09 22:59:07

I thought that too, but it was fine. it feels more like sandpaper than anything really. Go on, get one, you won't regret it

hippopotamouse Tue 23-Jun-09 22:59:43

If any of you are in Scotland and near Watt Brothers they have them starting at £2.99. Also have the twin packs with the handle for £7.99.

Tidey Tue 23-Jun-09 23:05:21

Well, as I'm easily persuaded, I just bought one for £2.59 off eBay! Now all I have to psyche myself up to use it once it arrives grin

mrsmaidamess Tue 23-Jun-09 23:08:15

Ooh do report back

Tinker Tue 23-Jun-09 23:56:21

Saw them on the market today. Could you get the same effect from a nutmeg grater?

LovelyDear Wed 24-Jun-09 00:01:52

i've just ordered one thank you mrsmaidamess. but actually my heels haven't acquired their usual summer extra layer yet....

bumsrush Wed 24-Jun-09 00:06:08

Avon do one for about £4 and its good too.

giraffesCantRunA10k Wed 24-Jun-09 00:19:32

hippopotamouse thanks!

nappyaddict Wed 24-Jun-09 01:35:24

i saw one at the market but i think it was fake.

mrsmaidamess Wed 24-Jun-09 07:10:05

I bet it will still work. Mine's probably a fake, it was so cheap. But I don't care

<twirls on tippy toes>

nappyaddict Wed 24-Jun-09 07:37:21

i suppose for the money i should have risked it but i was scared it would cut my feet to shreds or something.

wiggletastic Wed 24-Jun-09 07:51:21

Thanks for the tip Tidey, I will be off to Watt Brothers to get mine. My scary hobbit feet need some TLC pronto! smile

Squidward Wed 24-Jun-09 08:22:27

If you are a real horned hoofer a ped egg is NOt Enough. ime

nappyaddict Wed 24-Jun-09 08:31:35

It would probably be enough if you combine it with something like Flexitol or Scholl cracked heel cream wouldn't it?

HaventSleptForAYear Wed 24-Jun-09 08:34:55

How bad do your feet actually have to be to go to a chiropodist?

I have tried pumice, and a scarey-looking metal scraper thing and lots of flexitol.

Feet look ok in shoes etc. but there are still some bits bothering me.

But do my feet have to be covered in corns to go to a chiropodist ?

There are plenty in our old-lady market town. grin

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