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PLEASE help me with my hair....

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galen Tue 23-Jun-09 17:16:00

ok dont normally post in this forum, but its myBday and I'm going to spend 5 mins thinking aboutmyself for a change!!!
I need help with my hair! It's a is naturally wavy/curly, extremely thick , very coarse,dry and not naturally very shiny. At the moment I have it cut into a chin length sort of bob, which I straighten with straghtners after washing...but it takes AGES to get it anywhere near straight. Even when I do the ends always flick out and look rubbish, and when it is hot and muggyu like today it is just a mass of unruly frizz within minutes. If I try to go with the curl, it can look nice, but again is prone to frizz, and then I have to wash and redry it every morning cause after bed its a disaster....
I just got some GHDs fom my parents for my Bday thinking they would be the answer...but they are no better than my old straightners...sad

Please tell me what to do with my hair....anyone got a pic of any nice medium length wavy styles that take about 4 seconds to stlye?
Other thing is I have 6 DC so NO time at all really to style my hair....
HELP please! All tips and suggestions most gratefully received! grin

notnowbernard Tue 23-Jun-09 17:21:35

I've got thick wavy hair

ATM mine is sort of layered at the back (so it is quite short) but the sides are just below chin level

I try and sweep a medium length fringe over to one side, IYSWIM. I'm happy with it atm

It sort of looks like the photo of Kathryn Flett in the Observer Magazine, if you know who I mean?

Could this work with your hair maybe? No straighteners required, except for the fringey and side bits!

chevre Tue 23-Jun-09 17:24:40

just looked at your profile to see if there was a picture of you, so hair aside you have a gorgeous family!

do you go to a good hairdresser or some cheapo from down the road? a good hairdresser should be able to sort you out with a nice layered bob thing.

galen Tue 23-Jun-09 18:00:12

thanks ladies...had been going to cheapy hairdresser, but then went to a "good" one, where I got it cut into this sort of layered bob type stly, looked fab after I came out of hairdressers, and for 2 days ish after...has looked RUBBISH since, I just cant get it straightened well, no matter how long I spend trying...I do all the right things...smoothing stuff, protecter spray, blow dry as straight as poss till damp, section then straighten with GHDs...but still ends up in disorderly frizz within 5 mins... I am kind of fed up of trying...maybe curls are the way to go...
oh gosh I'm so fed up of my unruly hairsad

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