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Help! Off to tennerife but hate my body due to stretch marks - any ideas?

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JennyPenny22 Mon 22-Jun-09 23:36:03

I have no idea what to do! I have strech marks: legs, thighs and tummy. Most noticeable ones on my tummy and then some almost as bad ones right at the top of my tighs. Plus some very faded ones on my boobs but you can't see them much.

I am going to tennerife. If it was just us, I wouldn't mind so much but it is a big group of us, me being the biggest of us all. Am loosing weight with Slimming world and going well but I am so concerned about my stretch marks. I don't want to be over dressed the whole time because of stretch marks!

Somebody suggested a spray tan before I go - but was worried:
a) If it will actually cover them up in the slightest?
b) If it will just wash off being in and out the pool the whole time?!

JennyPenny22 Mon 22-Jun-09 23:42:47

Or if anybody has any ideas for clothes/swimming outfits that will cover at least the tummy ones up but without looking too much like I am wearing too much for the weather?! LOL

MumHadEnough Tue 23-Jun-09 00:02:33

Hi Jenny,

I have a horrendously stretch marked tummy and don't normally bother with going abroad as no-one knows me anyway. Obviously this isn't the case with you!

This year, we're going camping to a place with an outdoor pool, in the UK. I'm a bit more cautious about parading about in a bikini and have NEVER worn a bikini in the UK ever so I've ordered one of these I've ordered the top in a bigger size so that it will hide my belly. blush And the shorts style bottoms will hide the stretch marks at the top of your thighs.

I think a spray tan will see you through the first day at least.

MumHadEnough Tue 23-Jun-09 00:04:15

this is nice too and goes up to a G cup!

JennyPenny22 Tue 23-Jun-09 00:10:21

Next site doesn't seem to be letting me on! Said it is due to the sale! sad

MumHadEnough Tue 23-Jun-09 10:19:45

Jenny try it now as I've just opened those links from a different machine and they opened fine.

JennyPenny22 Tue 23-Jun-09 15:20:24

Thanks - they look nice, but the area of her tummy that is showing, is the bit that is the worst for me! Like, above my knickers but bellow my belly button!

flipflopper Tue 23-Jun-09 16:20:20

Just get a really nice swimming costume, you can get really pretty patterned ones like this one from monsoon and then get a sarong to cover up or a kaftan type top.

I really wouldnt bother with getting a spray tan unless you wont go swimming as it will wash off, and it will fade after a few days anyway so you will end up coming home whiter than you went

MumHadEnough Tue 23-Jun-09 22:53:40

Jenny, I just got the reversible turquoise one delivered tonight. I ordered the size 16 top thinking that because i've just lost loads of weight that will be big and hide the gap in the tummy. It does, but barely and only because the top off the shorts are quite high. I might send it back to change for an 18 to be honest.

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