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Office shoe sizing - big? Small? True?

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frazzledgirl Mon 22-Jun-09 20:33:30

Have fallen in love with some Office shoes but they only have them in the size up.

I have a couple of pairs of Office shoes in my normal size and they're both quite skimpy (if shoes can be said to be skimpy?) - is this a coincidence, or do you think it might be worth going for it?

KatyS36 Mon 22-Jun-09 21:40:27


I've done this for some shoes I loved in a sale and just added some insoles. They were fine.

I wouldn't do this for any shoes I was going to do serious amounts of walking in though

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Mon 22-Jun-09 22:41:01

small, ime. I always have to go up a size in their store.

RamblingRosa Tue 23-Jun-09 08:29:09

I'm between a 39 and a 40 and all of my Office shoes are 39s if that helps. I'd say they're pretty true to size if not a bit generous.

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