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Men's suits

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div22c Mon 22-Jun-09 11:33:23

DH lost his job a few months ago, and is now actively job hunting. He needs to buy a couple of formal business suits as he is interviewing for client-facing management roles. Neither of us has the foggiest idea what to buy - 2 button/3 button coat, how many pockets on the coat, what about trousers - flat fronted/single/double pleats, is there any timeless, universal kind of material that would work in all seasons (too much to ask??).
We have no regular income until he gets a job, so cannot break the bank, at the same time I would like him to dress appropriately for the position he is interviewing for. Sorry I seem to be rambling a bit, but hope you get my meaning. Is £200 too much/too little for a good suit? Should we go for off the rack stuff, or made to measure? He has exceptionally long arms to ready-to-wear clothes are always a problem.
Would greatly appreciate suggstions, including where to buy.

sb6699 Mon 22-Jun-09 17:04:03

Suppose its all down to personal taste really (although I forbid dh to wear double-breasted).

Do you have a Freeport? My nearest one has Savoy Tailors Guild and Suits You outlets - always a bargain to be had there. I was in at the weekend and they had a gorgeous Ted Baker suit in the window reduced from £299 to £129.

Suits You on the high street occassionaly do a buy one get one half price.

bishboschone Mon 22-Jun-09 21:01:50

I am a dry cleaner and I always say Next suits clean and seem to last the best. They are classic in design and the material wears and cleans really well. Loads better than mpst designer suits. If you are looking for a cheaper option I have also seen some lovely Florence and fred at tescos suits come through that you would never know were cheap..

Def Buy single breasted and not too pleated at the front for a classic style in grey ..hth

MrsSeanBean Mon 22-Jun-09 22:45:43

Just today, a colleague of DH's had a new suit he'd bought Tesco's - £80 and really good quality, nice lining, according to DH, who has decided he's also off to Tesco to, ahem, follow suit. This little gem of info conjured up interesting scenario for me of men comparing / gossiping over clothes at water cooler! But anyhow, sounds a good buy.

div22c Mon 22-Jun-09 23:27:20

Thanks for all the suggestions, will definitely check them out. Is made to measure too far out of our price range then?

MrsSeanBean Mon 22-Jun-09 23:32:46

There's always good old M&S - I seem to remember they do different sleeve lengths as well, which may help?

DH's last work suit was about £120 at an outlet shop (Moss I think), and it's lasted well.

bishboschone Tue 23-Jun-09 08:04:24

I would say that unless you dh is a funny shape there is no need to get made to measure.suits come in all shapes and sizes these days. He may need to try a few on to get the best fit though. In my experience the fit is the give away to cost.

P.s dont be tempted by ebay made to measure they are REALLY badly made and look cheapo!!

div22c Sat 27-Jun-09 13:57:18

Thanks, all of this is really useful information. A bit of a digression, but what about shoes to go with a formal suit (still talking men's!)...DH usually wears leather black ones from Clarks. Do they have to be leather soled?

div22c Thu 02-Jul-09 00:04:33

Just to give everyone an update, we went around to TM Lewin and bought a nice pin striped grey suit for £195 (sale price). They are making the necessary alterations as well, quite pleased. Thanks all of you for the really useful suggestions!

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