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I dithered and the Dune shoes are out of stock aaaaaargh

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brokenspacebar Mon 22-Jun-09 11:31:09


Now they are obviously far too common... what will I buy now, help me please.

To go with dark navy and cream dress (navy polka dots), for a wedding, I want high heels, chunky or wedge... less then £90.

I like red shoes too.

brokenspacebar Mon 22-Jun-09 12:12:54

or can has anyone seen a dress (with sleeves) to go with these

brokenspacebar Mon 22-Jun-09 12:14:21

apologies for not checking my typing.

flier Mon 22-Jun-09 12:22:01

do you have a dune store near you? it may be worth asking in store if they have them or they may be able to check if any other stores have them.

It's a lovely show btw

brokenspacebar Mon 22-Jun-09 12:34:14

no flier, I live in the far North East of Scotland... miles from a decent shop, online shopping is the only way I can shop.

flier Mon 22-Jun-09 12:38:52

I'm in your neck of the woods smile and I know how you feel.

flier Mon 22-Jun-09 12:45:01

just been googleing and asos and john lewis both stock dune shoes, but not the one you wanted sad I don't have the time now to google any more but it may be worth just googling "dune" and seeing what you get (or even the name of the shoe as well)

hope you find them!

brokenspacebar Mon 22-Jun-09 13:01:21

cool thank you Flier, I will have a look.

MadreInglese Mon 22-Jun-09 13:10:17

nice red ones

red wedges

these might work

MadreInglese Mon 22-Jun-09 13:11:10

or these wink

MadreInglese Mon 22-Jun-09 13:20:11

red or blue wedges in new look


girlie red wedges in monsoon

Fimbo Mon 22-Jun-09 13:24:55

The Dune ones you linked, have a few sizes left in red?

Rubyrubyrubyinthegame Mon 22-Jun-09 13:26:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MadreInglese Mon 22-Jun-09 13:29:27

maybe not dressy enough

navy wedges

navy & white wedges

possible polka dot overkill?

MadreInglese Mon 22-Jun-09 13:30:31

<drags self away from shoe thread>

brokenspacebar Mon 22-Jun-09 14:35:42

Ruby, I have given them my e-mail address, so hopefully, I might still get them but I do need to keep looking?... I can't look at links just now, off on the school run but cheers for all the responses....

so do you think I should get the red Dune ones? I am size 5 btw...

better go.

Rubyrubyrubyinthegame Mon 22-Jun-09 14:46:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

brokenspacebar Mon 22-Jun-09 16:20:29

lol Ruby, I don't mind looking at more shoes really....

brokenspacebar Mon 22-Jun-09 20:11:36

Thank you for all your hard work Madre, I am still hankering after the dune pair, sigh....

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