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ballet pumps with a mary jane style strap - have you seen any?

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Jewelsandgems Sun 21-Jun-09 21:09:30

I saw some on Grazia magazine which were river island, but they had sold out in my size and have not seen any since.

I have the usual ballet bumps, just fancied some with a strap.

Any suggestions/links much appreciated.

Clure Sun 21-Jun-09 21:15:37

this type?

cherryblossoms Sun 21-Jun-09 23:18:52


Jewelsandgems Mon 22-Jun-09 08:10:11

Like those clure did not even think to look in New Look. cherry those are the right style, and would love them if they were just all black!

cocolepew Mon 22-Jun-09 08:16:50

Barrets has Hush Puppies ones.

FischFrau Mon 22-Jun-09 08:29:20

like these

lemonpuff Mon 22-Jun-09 08:33:22

I got mine in Marks and sparks.

FischFrau Mon 22-Jun-09 08:33:46

these from Clarks will be sooooo comfortable.

Last year I bought some proper (ie rounded toe, elesticated back) ballet pumps in dull silver with mj button strap (which they're not doing any more annoyingly) and they are the most comfortable shoe I've ever owned. Still going strong despite having been worn pretty much every day.

Jewelsandgems Mon 22-Jun-09 19:26:01

fisch they both look lovely - and like the fact that they are soft leather (pvc shoes never seem to be that comfortable, for me) Did have a quick scout in M&S, but ours is only little, and I did not see them.

I have the bog standard ballet pumps that everyone has, mine from russel&bromley. And they even have that lace that ties at the front, and is threaded through the top rim of the shoe, allowing you to tighten it like ballet shoes. But, once that knot has loosened - and I am out with the buggy - I end up just slobbing in them, or holding them on with toes (not comfortable at all)

I have seen some topshop ones with an actual Tbar, not so sure on the look of them actually on.... hmm

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