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Gorgeous Maternity Wedding outfit needed

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Freyfreysmum Sat 20-Jun-09 22:27:57

If you have one or are advertising one on ebay I am in need of a lovely wedding outfit to three weddings this summer! I will be 7 and then 8 months pregnant, am usually a generous 12 (big chest lol) and need something classy but also trendy. Complete outfit ideal, but just dress would be fine! Thanks in advance.

trixymalixy Sat 20-Jun-09 22:33:10

I saw a lovely Isabella Oliver column dress in a size 12 on ebay the other day. Not sure if it would be finished now though.

angrypixie Sun 21-Jun-09 12:02:00

I have a couple of things I wore to weddings - where are you?

Freyfreysmum Sun 21-Jun-09 18:37:45

PS sorry I am in cornwall. More than happy to pay a good price and p&p.

FlorenceAndtheWashingMachine Sun 21-Jun-09 18:54:16

What about this rather lovely M&P top? It's silk so great to keep your cool in and a beautiful colour.

Keeping with the silk theme, I also love this TopShop maternity dress (not in stock online in your size but may be in store):

Silk empire dress

FlorenceAndtheWashingMachine Sun 21-Jun-09 19:39:06

Sorry, have just read op properly and realised that you are after pre-loved. I must try harder.blush

Freyfreysmum Mon 22-Jun-09 10:47:33

Ah not necessarily, its just most new I have looked at and loved are well over 100.00 - love that Topshop one, will definately bear it in mind!

trixymalixy Tue 23-Jun-09 10:35:37

Just realised I was thinking about sellingthis

It's not actually a maternity dress, but I wore it when i was 6 months pregnant. It's from Zara, cost me £90 at the time and is an XL .

FlorenceAndtheWashingMachine Tue 23-Jun-09 10:55:17

You looked lovely, TrixyMalixy. Nice dress.

FlorenceAndtheWashingMachine Tue 23-Jun-09 10:59:47


This photo is awful but Formes' stuff is normally very lovely (and ££££ new), so might be worth a try:

Pink Formes dress

Freyfreysmum Tue 23-Jun-09 11:58:13

Drats I cant see either of your links from work so will check this eve from home, thanks guys x

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