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TESCO £10 cotton cardigans = anyone else a fan?

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brendaAndEddie Sat 20-Jun-09 10:39:53

I had a jade green one last year I wear with a white stuff patterend top underit. Mum came back with two more yest, a lilac and what she calls a " helitrope" ( ie strong pink/purple.

I love them, so comfy I do size up thought

brendaAndEddie Sat 20-Jun-09 10:40:40

Ok hasve googled helitrope
Its not, its magenta

zookeeper Sat 20-Jun-09 10:47:15

can you do a link please? Can't find them

brendaAndEddie Sat 20-Jun-09 10:52:21

no they arent on the site.
they are 3/4 sleevs, crew neck, buttons.
Thats it really.
look nice with a H and M LONg vest under too

Boco Sat 20-Jun-09 11:08:18

I got a magenta one last year, is good, v. handy.

BennyAndJoon Sat 20-Jun-09 11:12:53

Would this be a VERY boring thing to ask DH to get me for wedding anniversary? We are a bit strapped and I need some new knitwear.

I may pop in today and check out colours

MrsSeanBean Sat 20-Jun-09 11:22:40

I saw some nice lace topped crinkle finish camisoles/vests in Tesco the other day for £4. I'm sure they are exactly the same article as Monsoon had (may still have) for £22!!

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Sat 20-Jun-09 11:56:12

Agree Mrs SB, am sure that those crinkle finish vests are same as Monsoon. I have a knee length cotton dress with white embroidery on it that also looks like a Monsoon number.......for only £16

I do like their cotton cardigans. I have also bought a couple of their bikinis this year and they are fab too - thick & supportive fabric etc.

Would also recommend their cotton skirts with pintuck pleats. Very White Stuff/Fat Face/Monsoon and for a bargainous £8. A friend of mine has one in white and it isn't cheapie see-through etc.

brendaAndEddie Sat 20-Jun-09 13:36:06

ah interested you lot like the cardigans too

MrKrabs Sat 20-Jun-09 19:39:28


SpawnChorus Sat 20-Jun-09 19:45:12

I have an aversion to 3/4 length sleeves.

Takes me back to being a gangly teenager.

Lizzylou Sat 20-Jun-09 21:36:59

Have just purchased a Magenta one, will add a new dimension to my summer wardrobe.

I think I may go back for a blue one

MrKrabs Sun 21-Jun-09 10:33:41

My mum has become obsessed. Is sending me daily( or even twice daily) updates of stock levels and colours!"!

Red now sold out locally, and she bought a lilac one only to get home and it was on the wrong hanger thus too small

Podrick Sun 21-Jun-09 10:37:42

I bought 5 short sleeve cotton cardigans in different colours - about £7 each

Lizzylou Sun 21-Jun-09 17:23:16

Wore Magenta one to Family get together today, wore a cotton summery top underneath with the exact same colour in the pattern.
Got loads of compliments.

bebesequin Sun 21-Jun-09 19:37:58

Wore the magenta one today - three friends asked if it was monsoon-Tesco also do a lovely longline white cotton shirt with ties at the back -I have worn it to death- wish I had bought 2.

mrsmaidamess Sun 21-Jun-09 19:50:13

I'm wearing UNIQLO 9.99 cotton thin cardi's, V neck (hate crew neck) FAB colours especially a riotous coral red which makes me look dead healthy

Lizzylou Sun 21-Jun-09 21:08:52

bebesequin, my SIL asked if mine was Monsoon as well grin

MrKrabs Sun 21-Jun-09 21:38:55

i TOLD oyu the magenta is a bargin! so glad you all like it

HarryB Mon 22-Jun-09 07:25:11

After seeing this thread, I bought 2 yesterday - in black and white. Lovely.

MrKrabs Mon 22-Jun-09 08:56:08

well done! its like a religion

BettyTurnip Mon 22-Jun-09 10:16:58

Do they go bobbly though (esp under the arms and side of boobs)?

Squidward Mon 22-Jun-09 12:16:33

dont think so

Lizzylou Mon 22-Jun-09 15:54:51

Wore my Magenta one again today to do school run, got loads of compliments and even though I was hot was turning the same shade of Magenta I kept it on and preened.

notwavingjustironing Mon 22-Jun-09 15:59:07

I've got three blush

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