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Looking for a good set of proper make up brushes

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MumHadEnough Fri 19-Jun-09 23:26:31

I have about £20-25 to spend. They're for a present for sil. I know she REALLY wants Mac ones but I can't afford them.

Can anyone suggest a good set in a case of some sort?


JudyBlume1019 Fri 19-Jun-09 23:31:06

if she really wants mac, then why don't you buy her one mac brush, rather than a whole set of something she doesn't really want, you can tell her that you couldn't stretch to the whole set, but you'll help her build it up over the years. That's what I'd want anyway, I'd be sad if someone wasted their money on the cheaper option as it wouldn't stop me wanting the better one.

pickyvic Fri 19-Jun-09 23:50:10

yep i agree i would buy her just one blusher brush to get her started! (i find of all my brushes i use the blusher brush the most!)

MumHadEnough Fri 19-Jun-09 23:51:29

Thanks for your advice. I think that's what I'll do!

BobtheWoodmouse Sat 20-Jun-09 09:36:06

I was in Space NK the other day and the SA told me that there was going to be a very good offer/discount on Stila (now discontinued brand for Space NK) makeup brushes and she intended to stock up. I 'think' the sale starts end of next week.

leoleosuperstar Sat 20-Jun-09 09:44:05

I agree - I would rather get 1 mac brush and love it than 10 brushes I wont like.

To be honest most people only just a few regularly.

Speak to someone at Mac and they will advise - maybe get a little peice of make up to go with it?

I love Mac and Bobbi Brown brushes.

Don't buy from Ebay they are fakes generally..

leoleosuperstar Sat 20-Jun-09 09:52:20

Just looked on their site - I'd get 1 brush and a cheaper item such as the sharpner duo (£3.45).

I love Mac - the same thing happened to me last year. My sister bought me some make up somewhere else because she got more for her money and it was a waste because I havn't used it because I really like Mac make up...

Good luck.

Splishysploshy Sat 20-Jun-09 10:01:36

I have a few Mac brushes but the rest are body shop and they are good too. x

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