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How long does threading last for?

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PortAndLemon Fri 19-Jun-09 13:05:29

After procrastinating for a couple of years after hearing about it on here, I finally got my eyebrows threaded last weekend (ouchy ouchy ouch) and my chin (not too bad) and upper lip (ouchy ouchy sneezy ouch) done today.

I am resolved to keep this up, but how often do I need to plan on getting it done for maintenance purposes?

Oh, and it doesn't hurt as much after the first time, right? [hopeful emoticon]

FigmentOfYourImagination Fri 19-Jun-09 13:06:39

does it pull the hair out ? If so then presumably it lasts as long as plucking ?

PortAndLemon Fri 19-Jun-09 13:10:22

Yes, but I've never been sure how long plucking lasts for blush (I previously just went for the unkempt look with eyebrows and once encroaching age led the other bits to get too extensively hairy to pluck I tended to shave them (got a bit of a lecture about that today)). So I am starting from a base of zero knowledge here...

watsthestory Fri 19-Jun-09 18:38:09

Message withdrawn

PortAndLemon Fri 19-Jun-09 19:50:42


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