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Style detectives, I have an urgent need for great linen trousers.

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LupusinaLlamasuit Thu 18-Jun-09 14:43:20

But I need them NOW


next day delivery

fabulous arse flattering shape, even for fatties like me

pref somewhere in between smart workwear, cargo/combats and drawstring. A pair that gets the schtick of all 3 looks would be great.

If white (would love to do that look) then some lining would be helpful

Or any colours really.

Just not the sort that look like crumpled paper bags within minutes, summat with a bit more shape.

And by tomorrow/Saturday over the internet.

Not much to ask then?! grin

SusieDerkins Thu 18-Jun-09 14:50:38

I know a lot of people don't like M&S but I love their linen trousers. I absolutely heart these. I have them in black and white and although they say they are beach trousers they are much smarter than that, especially the black. They are v flattering. I don't usually do drawstring but these really work.

BodenGroupie Thu 18-Jun-09 15:30:52

Hobbs are very good, flattering shape and heavier quality linen than most so don't crease so much. My current favourites are Sainsburys! Quite high waisted with a drawstring.

FrontRowFig Thu 18-Jun-09 15:32:42

But size down

BoysAreLikeDogs Thu 18-Jun-09 15:37:56

If white then nudey big pants mate, no need for lining then

fatzak Thu 18-Jun-09 15:39:20

Was going to suggest Next. Agree also with next size down - thought I was having some wonderful weight loss whilst still eating crap blush Wasn't impressed when put on jeans next day.

cocolepew Thu 18-Jun-09 15:41:02

I got a great pair of navy in BHS [fogey] brilliant fit, vote here for Next as well.

sassy Thu 18-Jun-09 15:41:05

Don't need nudey pants. Just forgo pants altogether.
(As long as bum beard doesn't show through front)

JackieNo Thu 18-Jun-09 15:45:32

I like these M&S ones and because they're not pure linen, they don't crease as much. Just lose the belt.

LupusinaLlamasuit Thu 18-Jun-09 19:47:22

Thanks all, and spesh JackieNo. 15 quid! I've ordered some of those and will report back. Yes, belt looks a bit bulky and a bit Margo.

LaTrucha Thu 18-Jun-09 19:53:55

I can vouch that these are a nice shape in the size 16. Cheap as chips too.

They do do others in white linen too.

brokenspacebar Thu 18-Jun-09 19:54:37

I have a pair from monsoon petite, they are very flattering.... though the petite is slightly too long for me, so I will have to take them upblush , they are pricier than the M&S ones but I think they are worth it.

brimfull Fri 19-Jun-09 13:00:09

what size are you?

I second hobbs

brimfull Fri 19-Jun-09 13:00:35

oh I am a day late -sorry

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